Pacifying the PS3

The other day, the Goonfather said to me, “Hey, I had a dream last night. I dreamt that my PS3 was jealous.”

“Huh?” I said.

“PS3 is jealous because you took photos with the Wii for your blog, but you never did for the PS3.”

I gave him the narrow eye.

And then, over the week, I thought about it. And I realised that I bear the Goonfather’s PS3 no grudge. So what’s wrong with posing for pictures with it?


So, here it is.

I hope Mr PS3 is happy now.

25 thoughts on “Pacifying the PS3

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    QY~ somehow, I am distracted..

    Your manja, sexy sultry kitty look with those oh-my-god legs diverted my attention away from the PS3.

    I think hor, the focus is on you instead. QY = 90%, PS3 = 10%.

    It’s a damn nice pose!

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    Time to send these pictures to the tv studios and let them see what kinda ‘actress’ they hired.

    More like a lousy porn star who’s trying too hard.

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    Wang Wang: Haha, as usual, your comment is really really cute. You’re too cute for words. Let’s hang out again soon k? Your exam over right? ;)

    Kevin: If you have contacts in the tv studios, please DO send my pictures to them. I need all the help I can get to get known in the industry.

    On a separate note, how is posing for pictures with a PS3 not respecting myself? How are my pictures even remotely porn? I’m like wearing shorts. Wake up from the 18th century, get out of your hermit hole one day and take a walk along Orchard Road. 80% of girls are wearing shorts. Duh?

    PS. I’m enjoying this very much.

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    It seems the success of a blog nowadays is measured in the number of trolls lurking under its posts…

    Grats QY, your troll population seems to be increasing! Heh.

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    Ya, exam over le~ ^_^ I am super super super super busy relaxing now~ haha!

    Ya, hang out is a definite must! I waiting for Wenwen finish her exam den we can do crazy stuff again.. ^_^

    I wan watch pirates movie~ will text u girlies sharpish~

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    If you’ve got it, flaunt it. The gal’s got great legs so why can’t she wear shorts? There’s no reason for her to be apologetic about having great legs or flaunting them. If your gal’s legs aren’t half as sexy as Qiayun’s that’s too bad for you but don’t take it out on her.

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    […]Remember not too long ago, Qiaoyun posted up fotos of her with her Wii, and then later with her PS3??
    Apparently, some of the barflies were having so much fun making posters @ that they decided to make 1 for her too..[…]

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