MSN stalkers… yes, you

I find it amusing that people actually spend time reading their MSN contact lists.

You do it too, don’t you? You love reading people’s personal messages. (You know, the grey sentence that appears after your friend’s name.)

I don’t type personal messages most of the time but, every time I do, my friends like to MSN me immediately to comment on the message. The immediacy is what leads me to believe that people spend hours stalking their MSN contact lists, waiting for someone to input a fresh message.

Like when I put the message “super duper insomniac”, tons of people MSN’ed me to ask me how’s my sleep.

The other day, I put “taking a nap…zzz…DND” because I was going to turn off my phone and go to sleep, and thought I should let my friends know that I would be uncontactable.

The next day, the message was still there because I kinda forgot all about it. And a few people MSN’ed me to ask me how come I was taking such a long nap.

Amazing, ain’t it? Because it proves that people actually READ those personal messages and REMEMBER when the messages were put up.

Sometimes it’s fun when you have loony friends like cute ol’ Swordie.

I think I should put personal messages more often. It’s very entertaining to see what response you would get next.

6 thoughts on “MSN stalkers… yes, you

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    Personally I “hate” those messages. But you bet people do read. At times I don’t know what to put so I just put “A” and people are asking me the meaning of “A”. Told them I put “A” because I don’t know what to put.

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    Or maybe… they reply because when you insert a “personal message” it pops up in the corner of their screen : P

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