I look like teacher meh?

I’m a happy actress.

I have booked a drama series that will keep me occupied till the end of June, and then some.

I have acting classes once a week (fun!).

I have many new acting books waiting to be read.

I’m happiest when my life revolves around acting. It makes me dance around and smile lots and generally make people around me go crazy putting up with my nonsense.

I thought I had lost the role because they called me like two weeks later than they said they would. So I was quite happily surprised when I was told I got the job. That’s the 13-episode drama series I mentioned in the post about measuring myself. There are plans to make more episodes if the show is well-received, which would be so cool.

Although it’s not a dream role, it’s good enough to feel happy about because it’s almost a leading role. The main leads are a boy and a girl since it’s a kids’ drama. The secondary leads are two adults, one being my character (teacher) and the other being the boy’s father. My character is also involved in a romantic subplot, so that’s one more dimension than most of my MediaCorp roles.


My teacher image. Not that different from the real me — duh — because I wore my own clothes (only for this one episode because the sponsored clothes aren’t ready yet).

This was the exact same outfit I wore to the audition. Haha. After I arrived on the set and changed into the outfit, the project manager was amused. “Hey, isn’t this the same outfit you wore to the audition?” LOL.

Fine! I’m pathetic! I have like one mature outfit in my wardrobe!

The first day of shoot went well (for me). I don’t know about the crew. I think they were really stressed out because we were filming in a primary school during a normal school day. Absolute pandemonium, especially during lunch time. Kids yelling from all directions all the time, making the sound people’s jobs very difficult.

We were prepping for a shot, and this is so deja vu-ish. I’ve been a teacher in a feature film (I Not Stupid 2), in an English drama (Like My Own) and in a TV commercial (Toyo Klic Correction Pen).

And now I’m a teacher in a Chinese Drama.

Do I look so much like a teacher? I don’t know. And the shoot came so suddenly I didn’t even have time to study the script, much less go observe real teachers in action.

I wish my dear cousin Faith were here in Singapore so she can give me pointers. I think she’s the best teacher in the world beause she knows exactly how to handle kids and kids just love her to bits. She’s got a cushy teaching job in Hong Kong now, which is great for her, but I miss her!

My kids:

Kids are so precocious these days. They are more vocal than when I was a kid myself. During the shoot, I had kids trying to talk to me even while the director was giving all of us directions.

My director (one of them, anyway):

This drama series has many directors who take turns filming different episodes, which is typical of drama serials. It’s kind of nice getting to work with so many different people. But it makes it hard to develop a close working relationship.

But that doesn’t really matter because what really matters is that I’m a happy actress!

14 thoughts on “I look like teacher meh?

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    I’m really happy for you! Congrats on clinching this role! Show’em wat you’ve got…teacher! :)

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    You looked great! Very much like a teacher. Even more teacher like than me. Wish I was back home to give you pointers too. Thanks for thinking that I’m a good teacher….Made my day!!! Miss ya heaps and love ya!

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    Coolness, reprising your awesome role from I Not Stupid 2, without the big tummy! So, who is the guy acting as the father of the boy who is interested in you? We wanna see if he can “pei de sha ni”, quick quick post a pic of him.

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    Ruok: Thanks! Well, I may look the part, but it’s a tough role for me cos this teacher is supposed to be demure and gentle, and I’m the furthest from demure you could ever get. How can a klutz ever be demure and gentle? lolol.

    Monster: Thank you dearie! You’re not only a good teacher, you’re the bestest teacher! :)

    Chong: Speaking of reprisal, there’s a scene in this script which is so much like a scene I did in INS2. The part where I’m supervising my kids’ dance performance and I’m counting time for them. lol. I think when this show is out, I should stick both clips together and YouTube it. lol. Erm… I haven’t met my screen boyfriend yet. Don’t even know how he looks like. O_o

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    I’m just telling the truth. :D Like if I knew it a teacher that hot was also an avid gamer, I should have been a magna. Hehehehe.

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