Hijack at BlogOut 2007

Okay, I feel like such a bimbo.

Last night, I was at BlogOut 2007, right? I was surrounded. SURROUNDED by entrepreneurs and technopreneurs. What were these future Forbes 500 doing at a blogger’s convention??

I mean, you go to a blogger’s event expecting to meet tons of bloggers but nooooooooo what you end up getting instead is a whole bunch of entrepreneurs and technopreneurs who blog. Whoopie.

Every single last person I met either owned a dotcom, or co-owned one, or is in the process of owning one. I felt like a Nemo among whales. And by dotcom I mean one of those that can potentially make the owner the next Internet billionaire like Google’s founders. See, technically, I own a dotcom too (sheylara.com) but I am so totally not on the same bandwagon.

But I’m into positive thinking these days, so I didn’t let it get to me. Since I was an odd sock, I decided to revel in being an odd sock. And I met lots of fun people. The new age entrepreneur is not a stuffy suit anymore. He/She is very young, creative and has a good sense of humour.

The first of these I met was Nuffnang co-founder, Ming.

Ming saved me from a wasted walk in my party heels by calling out to me in the nick of time. I was feeling lost at the bottom steps of the venue because I couldn’t see a Geek Terminal signboard (yes, the venue is called Geek Terminal, a kind of high tech chill out place), leading me to think that I had perhaps walked to the wrong place.

So, I was about to move off to find this Geek Terminal when Ming popped out at the top of the steps and called out, “Sheylara!” That was almost as welcome as finding an oasis in the desert, so I put on my brightest smile, turned towards the voice and said, “Yes!”

To my horror, when I located the voice, I found that I couldn’t place the face. It was, like, hahaha cool someone just called my name but I don’t know who he is.

You must realise that I have never met Ming. Have only seen a picture of him in Cowboy Caleb’s blog.

To be fair, I think Ming has the upper hand in facial recognition in this case since my blog is so liberally plastered with my own pictures that probably even the curtains in his bedroom can recognise me if they spot me.

So, Ming was wearing a Nuffnang tie. I totally flipped out when I saw it because it was so cute and in my favourite colours.

I wonder if I can have one made in girl size and in cotton. I am so into ties these days.

I also met lots of other cool folks.

There’s Mr Walking Camera Guy.

He is cooooooool. He was carrying this backpack thing with a video camera strapped on his shoulders ALL NIGHT and he was like filming the room as he walked about.

I’m sorry I can’t remember his name, but he has a very nice nose. And very nice red eyes.

Okay red eyes is totally my fault because I forgot to turn on the red-eye reduction on my camera.

Next up is Nic, who plays Xbox for a living. How cool is that?

Nic is from Microsoft and he has an audience enthralled with his speech about the blogging culture in Microsoft.

There were several tables set up with every table discussing different topics. I kind of didn’t really join in the discussions because most of the topics weren’t up my alley. Most of them were quite businessy and technical.

So I went around getting to know people who were also not into the table discussions. Haha.

Like Piotr here, who is Polish. (His name is the Polish version of Peter and is pronounced Pee-oh-trr.)

Actually, Piotr was a member of Nic’s entralled audience but he got hijacked by Peter and Ethan (below), both of whom I had been introduced to earlier.

There was a lot of hijacking going on at the party — people were hijacking other people’s conversation partners and speech audiences, left, right, centre. I also got hijacked alot, which was cool and fun.

At the time Piotr was hijacked, I was just a few metres away, chatting with a nice Malaysian lady named Emily and a nice Australian bloke named Todd.

So then, Peter and Ethan, the two crazies, got it into their heads to hijack me into having a conversation with Piotr. And, they were like, Piotr meet Qiaoyun, Qiaoyun meet Piotr, okthxbye!


I rolled my eyes at them and HELLO????ed at them until they stayed to enjoy a verbal lashing from me.

But I did get to know Piotr, who is very cute and has a cute accent, but who is also going back to Poland soon, so I didn’t get his number for you ladies. Hur hur.

And and AND….!! Guess who I met next!!

My husband (of one day)! Yeah, that’s what he went around telling everyone.

He was in the funny Kao Magiclean commercial with me playing my husband. When I spied him last night, I knew I’d met him before but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where and when. LOL. I have such a terrible memory.

Go check out his dotcom, IConnectE. I’m giving him a little plug because I’m trying to wrangle 50% of his earnings since we were “married” and “divorced”. Haha.

Oh, and I must also say something about Yvonne, who was the second person I met at the event (the first being Ming).

Yvonne, like me, came to the event all alone (but she’s actually an employee of one of the sponsors so she had a better reason than me to come alone). Anyway, I struck up a conversation with her because she was sitting next to the only empty seat left in the place, which I gravitated towards because when you go to a party alone and don’t know anyone, it’s always better to be sitting than standing.

It was a good choice on my part because Yvonne turned out to be really nice. She’s also a blogger, which is of course not surprising since it’s a bloggers’ event.

So, the event was really, really good. There was free dinner and free flow of drinks and wine, and I learnt that Web 2.0 technopreneurs can be very fun people to hang out with (except when they start talking about too technical stuff).

When I left the event finally at 10.30 pm, the hijacking didn’t stop. The moment I walked down the steps out of the place, I got hijacked by another two crazies. They said, “Excuse me, are you a celebrity blogger?”

Which was kind of stupid because if someone were a celebrity, wouldn’t you recognise them? Duh.

I don’t know where they popped out from. I thought they were from the event and were just chilling outside, but then they started asking me funny questions like were there any celeb bloggers in there. They reminded me of the teenagers that hang around outside MediaCorp waiting for their favourite TV celebs to appear.

Anyway, this is one of them.

His name is Name Tag Stealer because while I was having a conversation with his partner, he ninja’ed my name tag right off my shoulder.

But at least he’s brave enough to be photographed by me, unlike his camera-shy partner, so I give him credit for that. But I still have no idea who they are. Haha. If any of you readers happen to know this lunatic, please give him the narrow eye on my behalf.

26 thoughts on “Hijack at BlogOut 2007

  1. Avatar

    Nice nose? Thanks for the compliment… I heard a bit a about you through Ming (NuffNang). Hope to get some face-to-face with you next time. I just blogged about BlogOut too… about the stuff I hated. Grrrrr! :D

  2. Avatar

    Hi coleman, you must be the chick magnet Kevin mentioned in his blog. Sorry your face got into my picture by accident and sorry I didn’t write about you. Won’t happen again!

  3. Avatar

    Hi Qiaoyun,

    Did not hv a chance to talk to you at the event, but thanks for the very very entertaining writeup! Will be blogging about this blog posting soon. :)

  4. Avatar

    And haha, thanks a lot for advancing the entrepreneurial scene by your observation that the new age technopreneur is fun, creative, and cool! To change the scene here, we need more of such comments from babes like you, rather than more same old boring comments from ministers in speeches. ;)

  5. Avatar

    Ming Yeow, thanks for dropping by! I am actually a little apalled that all you future technobillionaires are reading my bimbo blog. I mean, I’ve read all the blogout reviews in other blogs and I think I need to have my head checked because my blog totally misses the significance of the event. Haha.

    But thanks for the nice comment anyway. Appreciate it! ;)

  6. Avatar

    Showed this blog posting to Bjorn and we were both chuckling away. Bimbos can’t be that witty. ;) Anyway, i am super serious when i say opinions like these are what is needed to change the culture here. Rock on! :)

  7. Avatar

    hi i’m the name tag stealer and we are not ther like teens who are looking for THE STARS…we were there to look out for star bloggers to do media tie ups and were invited by e lady who did up the blog out event but were late cause of work….cheers

  8. Avatar

    Hi, good of you to finally appear. :) Well, you could have told me all that info when you accosted me that night. I mean you guys didn’t even want to tell me your names, lol.

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