Fashion Diary #3: College Days

Day 3

Name of outfit: College Days


Destination: VivoCity GV Cinema

Notes: Today’s outfit is rather normal because I was only going to the movies for a few hours (midnight show). Also, it’s very tiring to dress outrageously every day. Sometimes I need a break!

But I get to wear my favourite jacket today because VivoCity is cold. The second picture is to show off the lace on the hood. I so love lace detail!

7 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #3: College Days

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    Come to KL and you’ll find the place overflowing with your ‘Rustic Kitten’ style! Think you’ll fit right in!

    Seems like there’s some cosplay movement going on at the moment.

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    Hi Cuz, still prefer on callin u lina jiejie. haha. QiaoYun seems stranger to me. needa get used to it soon!
    Anws, nice pics up there & nice start of the fashion diary !
    it brings in bored & kaypos like me to follow up wiv every pictures. HAHA.
    hadnt heard of Justyn b4, ur fren ? ha.
    been quite awhile since i saw ya! perhaps in family gatherings yeh! till then ! TAKE CARES :D

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    Miss Loi: Actually, I just went on a shopping spree in KL a couple months back! Hee! I love shopping there! But I really didn’t see the “Rustic Kitten” style. I saw a lot of emo goth punk. Heh.

    Yuwen: Hi cousin! Doesn’t matter what you call me and take as long as you like to get used to Qiaoyun. Took me a year to get used to it myself, haha. Yes, Justyn is my friend and he’s a lecturer at your poly! See ya soon I hope!

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