Fashion Diary #1: Watermelon Street

Day 1

Name of outfit: Watermelon Street


Destination: Acting class

Notes: My acting teacher (a very cool female Australian director/ actor/ singer/ coach) said I should keep my hair off my face when performing, especially at auditions, because directors can’t cast you unless they can see your face.

Good point.

But you know how my hair is all limp and floppy and just flops all about my face unceremoniously?

I can’t stick it behind my ears because it’s too short and slippery.

I can’t pin my hair back because I’d look like a nerd.

So the solution: Braid the stupid fringe. And throw on an outfit that fits the funky ‘do!

(And then forget to turn on the camera flash so the picture looks really underexposed!)

Public Reaction #1: Did you just come from an audition? You look so Gothic.
Public Reaction #2: Wow. You look so… erm… erm… all sporty!
Public Reaction #3: CUTE CUTE!

13 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #1: Watermelon Street

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    that’s good advice from your teacher…so that’s why i keep getting those dodgy character type roles…yeah right!
    at least you, as a girl, can braid up your “limp and floppy” fringe with beads, clips and accessories….not an option for yours truly’s “limp and floppy” fringe ya?
    Maybe in the privacy of home i could…not…despite the availability of an array of my daughter’s hairclips and colourful rubberbands, a simple plactic hairband (mine btw) is the furthest i’d go.
    Oh btw, were you born in 1977? And wat does it say on your shirt…can’t see cos kena blocked by your hands…horizontal stripes work well on you…..

  2. Avatar

    Wind: Sure! You flying back to Singapore? =)

    Lex: I got them from Hong Kong a year ago. Very cheap… like 2 pairs for S$25.. something like that. :P

    Fish: I always always have that problem. Haha, hate my hair. My hairclips and braiding don’t work for shoots. As you know, I always get old old roles which are totally not suitable for cutesy hairstyling. So I always end up looking nerdy cos they always pin or gel my hair back. Grrrr!

    Nah, I wasn’t born in 77. I don’t think I’ll purposely buy and wear stuff that shows my year of birth, haha. And you know what, I don’t know what it says on my shirt… I always never go read it. Just 2 stupid logo/badge things that probably have tons of grammatical errors. lol.

    Wang Wang: Thanks, dear! I’ll continue writing as long as people are reading!

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