Death by dehydration

I just got hit by a revelation. I know exactly how I’m going to die when I do eventually die.

No, no. Not the sadiistic Final Destination vision type of revelation. Mine is of the intellectual, eureka type.

I just know I’m going to shrivel up and die of dehydration someday.

Let’s see. It’s 7 pm right now.

I have been awake since 5 am. Surfed the net in the dark because I couldn’t sleep. Three hours later, got off my butt to do some physical warm up because Nanny Wen was going to come at 8 am to jog with me. By the time she arrived, late as usual, it was raining, so we went up to my room to slack off, which, for Wen, means sleeping.

At about 10 am, I wake her up.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” I said. “The rain’s stopped and it’s now nice and cloudy. Let’s go jogging.”

“Wake up, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!”

So she takes 15 minutes to wake up, by which time the sun had decided to come out in full force. Too hot for jogging.

Plan B: I put on Groove Coverage and we did muscle toning exercises in the comfort of my air-conditioned room for 40 minutes, stopping after we ran out of muscles to tone.

Lunch for me was a plate of chicken rice and half a can of soda at a nearby coffee shop. (Yeah, I know, my diet isn’t quite ideal for one who makes an effort to jog and torture her muscles, who cares.) After lunch, I shopped and did research online (read: waste time). Napped from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Now that I’m showered and fully awake, I realise that I’m parched. I realise that, in all of today I only drank half a can of soda.

In the last 20 hours, the only liquid I’ve taken is half a can of soda (and maybe half a drop of water accidentally swallowed while brushing my teeth).

I fear for my hair and my skin and my innards.

Maybe I’m worse than Nanny Wen. She merely forgets her wallets, keys and handphone. Everyone forgets those, right. I forget to drink water.

All my friends know that I’m a camel and can go through a whole day without drinking anything. When we go out for coffee or drinks, I don’t order anything half the time. When I do order something, I don’t finish the drink half the time.

I seldom feel thirsty, you see, so I forget that I need to drink water. And during the rare times I do feel thirsty, I sometimes ignore it because I have better things to do than to pour myself some water. Getting a drink is a chore, like brushing your teeth or making the bed, stuff that calls for procrastination. And I’d procrastinate until the thirst is totally forgotten.

For instance, I’m now blogging this instead of getting a drink even though I’m parched to high heaven.

I think I’d better go get some now before I keel over.

10 thoughts on “Death by dehydration

  1. Avatar

    “All my friends know that I’m a camel and can go through a whole day without drinking anything. ”

    Wrong. You’re the camel who forgets to drink! Hahaha!

    I hope my joke was funny! =D

  2. Avatar

    Wow. How can?

    You’ve got the air-con. That dehydrates ya.
    It’s hot out there. That also dehydrates ya.

    Whenever I’m out there, I drink water and fluids like the anti-camel! I drink a lot (of water and 100+). Then I drink some more (beer, vodka, gin, shochu, etc)!

    Hope u get yr wii soon.

  3. Avatar

    Xeniel/Starmist: I’m glad to know there are other camels around. Hehe.

    Ruok/SC: I know. But so hard to kick old habits, you know. I have been not drinking water since I was a kid! I think.

    Wen: Nope! Not funny! :P

    abraxis: Hahaha. Your second type of drinking dehydrates you more than not drinking anything!

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    chances are, you have encountered regular difficulty in “dropping off the kids”…unless you do what most parents tell their kids to: EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!
    Me thinks the experts recommend 2 helpings of fruits and vege a day…in your case, better make it 2 whole water melons :P
    Take care of yourself hor…if you don’t, who will?

  5. Avatar

    Fish: Haha. I happen to like water melons, but I think two whole ones is taking it a bit too far. lol.

    Mince Pye: Duh….

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