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The life of a freelancer is immensely exciting because you never know where your next pay cheque will be coming from.

Of all the places, I never expected to be invited to write for an actors’ resource website based in the USA.

But it happened, and I wrote, and I got published today.

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Am now working on my next piece.

I usually tolerate my writing jobs as purely a means to earn a living. But this is one writing job I can dig into with relish because I get to write about acting. Coolness!

Thank you for the job, BackStage.com!

21 thoughts on “Writing about acting

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    Bravo!!!! Girl,
    that is definitely an article worth writing….but i can’t personally relate to it cos…ain’t nobody’s ever recognised ME on the streets LMAO….*sign*…says as much about my “career” huh?
    OK…so i’ve had some “looks” thrown my way once in a while, but one never knows if it’s “recognition” or “something-directly-behind-me”…and lest i’m looking for a fight, i hardly “look” back.
    Anyways, keep up the good work…ie, acting, blogging AND writing! :)

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    just read the article… lol, u know what, I think I “enjoy” my sightings more than you… at least when I get recognised, pple can tell me which show they saw me lol.

    On another note, when I’m recognised, I never deny it. I just make sure its really me they saw, and not someone who looks like me lol.

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    Mooiness: Yeah, it is. I quite enjoyed writing the article! :)

    Fish: But you know what, EVERYONE in the industry knows you. :P Maybe you’re less known in the streets because you do more indies and short films which never get shown to the general public, but you’re definitely well-known in the circle. ;)

    JayWalk: Thanks for reading!

    Ruok: Haha… maybe people tend to remember “bad guy” faces more so they can watch out and beware? lol…

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    I loved your article! Illustrates the situation of all struggling actors very well, I must say.

    GANBATTE NE! I believe one day you’ll land a high-profile role in a high-profile production. Perseverence is key! I’m rooting for you. :)

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    Sis: awesome article, best one you wrote in years! (oops not that many years, you’re still 18!)

    Ruok: ruoky, actually, I always recognise you as “the rapist”…..not that being that is a bad guy in my books!

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    Woohoo! Congrats on going international, gal! :P

    And you just became the only Singaporean actress to appear on the big screen in the Golden Horse Awards (screening on Ch U now! :P)

    But hor, I almost couldn’t recognise you (oops!) cos of your specky aunty look… Now maybe THAT is the root of the problem that led to your above article… Hehehe! :P


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    Ruok: Haha. I give out my autographs to cashiers the most. lol.

    Fish: I wasn’t being kind, just telling the truth. ;)

    Chong: Thanks, sis!

    Edric: Haha, thanks. So did INS2 win any awards? Anyway, don’t think I’m the only. Didn’t Megan Zheng win an award for Homerun few years back?

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    @Sheylara: Spam bots, eh? Hmm, the more I learn about managing blogs, the more interesting I find it. Thanks for sharing:)

    @Peaches Mode: Out loud, I laugh. Very good, your imitation is:)

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, thanks for the compliment:) To be honest, I enjoy commenting, interacting and supporting a lot more than actually coming up with things to write. And stumbling upon your friendly and pleasant blog is really great! You know the saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t do or teach, post encouraging comments…”:)

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