Presenting… MeTube!

I just uploaded a YouTube video for the first time in my life. Not that YouTube has been around long enough for that to be a remarkable statement, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, it’s a video clip I’m not extremely proud of, so when I had to fill in the field called “Tags”, I only typed “Qiaoyun” because I don’t want the clip to be searchable and watched by strangers. I’m assuming that nobody would ever do a search for “Qiaoyun” in YouTube because it’s a weird sort of word to begin with.

So. This is a one-minute video of me giving a meaningless self-intro.

You see, I had to e-mail a production house a showreel so I can be shortlisted to go for an audition. But I don’t have a showreel because I’ve been having trouble editing my mpeg2 files (direct recordings of my TV shows) and rendering them into a compressed and viewable form.

To cut the boring technical story short, I had to quickly record an emergency video of myself using my digital camera. The casting lady said I could just shoot a quick-and-dirty self-intro because they just want to see my “video presence”.

So here’s my quick-and-dirty.

If you’re planning to offer up some constructive criticism, please bear in mind that this video isn’t meant to be the least bit entertaining. It’s meant to show how I look on video.

If you’re watching only so you can laugh at me, well, okay, that’s allowed. I do that to other people all the time so I suppose I deserve some retribution.

Have I mentioned how I hate doing self-intros? Yes, I have.

I think I’d drop dead and die if I ever got to watch all the millions of self-intros I’ve done in my life, at production houses and studios. Okay, few hundred is a more accurate number, but the point is that I’ve been doing self-intros all my life and I have yet to reach a point where I feel comfortable giving one.

I just don’t like talking about myself, you know. I mean, verbally. I don’t mind writing about myself, you realise.

Anyway, self-intros suck. Unfortunately, they’re a necessary occupational hazard.

They’re a hazard to me because, like I said, I’d drop dead and die if I ever have to watch any one of them.

Vincent told me he’s watched one of my audition tapes. I think I should kill him for that. You think?

23 thoughts on “Presenting… MeTube!

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    You know I love you to the bits, right? Well, this video is a little kiddy. It’ll do well if you’re auditioning for Hi 5 or something like that. But, I think you look great knowing since I know your real age! Not telling anyone! And you don’t even splurge like me on ridiculous and expensive skincare…me a little jealous now! But I still love you!

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    Hmm.. I would suggest you to start for audition in children shows. Many started out from there and build their fan base. Anyway you did a not bad job @ it anyway.. :)

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    vincent, PLEASE upload it! ;p

    you look like a shy teenager! I don’t understand how come you always got the auntie roles. tsk, blind casting people. You look like a shy teenager loh… maybe less shameless than most of them. ;p

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    SC: OMG haha… ok…. thanks, I guess. :P

    Monster: You’re the greatest! Love you to bits too. Well, this video clip is for trying out for a 18-23 yr old role, so I think it’s suitable?

    Ruok: You do that you’re really dead!!

    passerby: Hmm… I would go if they had auditions for kid shows. But so far no luck! :P

    Nanny Wen: It’s MUSHROOM. And he’s not a CLF, he’s a co-lead ok? lol.

    RN: Ack, I think it’s bad if I look like a shy teenager. I don’t think I’m supposed to look shy. I should look confident and outgoing on video. OH NO. I need to make another video. O_o

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    QY: Not that bad lah considering that it wasn’t scripted nor rehearsed. Naturally will appear slightly less polished lor. Yes? No?

    ruok: Got more videos to upload? MAI TOO LIAO!!! :P

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    JayWalk: Well, it was rehearsed in the sense that I did many takes until I felt it was ok, so I did have some practice :P And stop asking ruok to upload videos. He’s a busy man. especially right now~ ! :P

    nadnut: thank you! wheee~~ :) >hugs<

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    Haha I love how you started the clip with the video cam falling over! LOL

    You just reminded me how I dislike (x 10) doing self introductions for auditions too!!!

    Just had a thought… since you feel more confident writing about yourself, why not write your self-intro as a sort of script first, then use that as a guide for your self-intro video? :P

    Hope you land a great role!!!

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    Hehe, thanks. I guess no actor likes self-intros! I dunno why they torture us with it, sigh. I LOVE production houses that just go straight into script reading, hehe. :P

    Actually, I HAVE written many different self-intros for myself and used them in auditions, thinking that I’m damn brilliant and creative. One casting director even laughed at a joke I threw in, which was great. But I didn’t get the job leh.

    Also, after using a “brilliant” written intro once or twice, I’ll then think that intro is corny and sucky and wonder how I could ever have thought of it. Then I’ll be back to square one and give boring, unrehearsed, stock intros for the next few weeks or months.

    I think I’m just hopeless at this!

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    Haha yeah, it’s the bane of an actor’s existence indeed…

    Quite a few times I have been tempted to just blurt out, “for more information, go read my blog!” LOL

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    Well, I don’t exactly have the luxury of choosing which “field” I want to be in. :P If there’s an audition for a children show, I go for it. If there’s no audition, I can’t “give it a shot”. So, it’s all really based on luck, timing and opportunity, and very little to do with what I want. :P

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