Fashionable me(me)

As a citizen of the blogosphere, I once again find myself obliged to perform my yearly civic duty.

It’s meme time. Wootage.

I try not to get too invovled in this crazy meme game that bloggers have going, so I only get tagged like once a year. Which is GREAT. Please keep it that way. Thank you very much.

This “fashion meme” is a week late in coming but I’m sure sexy Shelly will forgive me.

Your three favourite colours for clothes: White, light blue and black, in that order. I’m boring, yeah. Who cares. I look better in those colours so I’m being smart. I also love cerise-coloured clothes but Elyxia and Nanny Wen swear that I look horrible in that colour so I’m never allowed to buy clothes in that colour.

Your accessory weakness: Boots, I guess. Must always have boots. My first pair of boots were Doc Martens, when I was 16. I haven’t stopped liking boots since then. But that only goes for boots with no heels or chunky/rugged heels. I hate stiletto heels.

Your favourite gem: I don’t really know. They all look the same to me so call me a gem idiot. I guess I’m more into colours. I’m attracted to pastel colours like pale pink, pale blue, pale purple, so if any gem comes in that colour, I’ll probably like it. But I probably won’t wear it because…

Your must have jewellery: I hate wearing jewellery. I have two diamond rings and two diamond necklaces which I never ever wear except to auditions when I need to look old. Well, but I like costume jewellery if that counts. I love necklaces and bracelets featuring organza ribbons. How can anyone not?

Your favourite clothing: JHSU. (Thanks to my perverted bunch of gamer friends, you know who you are.)

Your watch: I don’t wear one cos I don’t think it’s worth the money. Most watches are ugly and I can tell the time on my hand phone.

Your favourite pair of jeans: A pair of 3/4 jeans with a fake tweety bird picture on the back pocket. Very cheap, I think, like $10 or $15.

Your favourite designer: Can’t afford designer stuff. Even if I could afford them, I couldn’t wear them because they’re made for busty or big-sized women. I prefer street fashion. And if had two hundred bucks, I’d rather buy 10 items of cheap clothing than blow it all on one designer item. Then again, I suppose I wouldn’t say that if I had Paris Hilton’s income. Who knows?

And that’s the end of this meme.

And I’m not tagging anyone because I think the whole world has already been tagged and there’s no one else left to be tagged.

But if anyone wants to volunteer, send me an email and we can arrange something.

13 thoughts on “Fashionable me(me)

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    Aha! Now I now the correct name for “watermelon red” is “cerise”

    You look great in slinky white tops (like the one you “borrowed” from Nanny Wen a couple of weeks back). Should wear them more often :-)
    Give Goonfather a nosebleed!

  2. Avatar

    Monster: I love pink, you know? Just that it’s not widely known cos I love blue better.

    Moralis: Uh huh. I’m sure.

    Elyxia: Haha. I checked wikipedia to find the colour. Never heard of cerise before either. I hate wearing slinky tops, white or otherwise. Feel so uncomfortable in them. :P

    SC: I think she’s just being dramatic…

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    JHSU r0x0rs! where’s the JHSU gang when you need them…. Ah Zan? Birgin?

    I second what Moralis said – its all the Birgin’s fault :p

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    In the US the big thing this spring in fashion is COLORS. This is true for jewelry too. The winter was time for grey clothing, but people are really trying to mix colors this spring.

  5. Avatar

    That’s nice. But it’s spring/summer all year round in Singapore. It’s hard to adapt fashion to the seasons when we haven’t got seasons. Haha.

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