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Recently, I volunteered to write a theatre review for The Flying Inkpot so I could watch a play for free.

Plays are expensive, you know.

But I need to watch them because I want to act in them again. After so many years of acting for film and TV, I’ve forgotten how to act on stage. So that’s how I came to volunteer to watch this particular play and write about it.

It’s a noisy play about a bunch of delinquent immortal students who have lost their godly powers.

Delightful plot. It was very entertaining and the leading actor is very charming, but I’ll do my official review when I do my official review, which is not now.

Anyway, watching it made me wish I was there on stage instead of sitting among the audience. How I enjoy torturing myself… not. Watching plays always does that to me, which is another reason I hardly watch plays, aside from costly tickets. (But cost is the bigger deterrent because I’m not exactly rolling in the dough with my struggling actress status.)

Immortalx — that’s the title — was staged at the Jubilee Hall in Raffles Hotel. Very romantic and charming venue.

Hardly appropriate for a wacky teenage comedy, especially when you have people walking around dressed like this:

But I suppose venue choices are limited in Singapore and it doesn’t really matter where you perform something as long as you perform it and people enjoy it, right?

I’m now attending another acting class which I hope will give me the tools to audition successfully for theatre. The next time I blog about a play, I hope it’ll be because I’m performing in it.

Will you watch it if you have to buy costly theatre tickets to see me perform?

5 thoughts on “Back to stage

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    “How I enjoy torturing myself… not.”, you need to add a “” between “myself…” and “not” and also emphasize the “NOT!”, else some people may not understand it as a joke.

    Watching plays beats playing PS3 NOT!

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    My dear Monster,

    Of course, I’ll watch you!!! But that also depends if I’m in Spore or not…Do miss watching you on telly though! Damn…if they only have some Sporean shows on cable in HK and I’ll be able to watch you!

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    Ruok: Don’t be a pervert. Besides, I know you want to see SOMEONE else’s butt, not mine. Hah.

    Goonfather: >_>

    Monster: Well, it’s ok. Haven’t had any huge roles on TV, so you didn’t miss anything much. :P

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