Brief appearance

For those who have been asking, I will be on the Ch 8 drama, Making Miracles, on Monday (March 12) and Tuesday (March 13) at 9pm.

It’s a very small role so you won’t get to see very much of me, but it’s not too bad. I guess it’s kind of like a cameo because I have my own storyline and all that. And it was fun to shoot. I blogged about it here and here, in case you’re interested.

Well, this is a spoiler photo but who cares? I’m only involved in a tiny subplot so I don’t think this really spoils anything. =P

13 thoughts on “Brief appearance

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    I have a better suggestion for you. If you quit living, you won’t find anything torturous anymore. And the world will be a more beautiful place. For us. :D

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    lol… my critic is still visiting my blog everyday and adding to my hit/comment count. how sweet! i’m happy! :)

    val: your poly friend is damn sharp, can? your birthday party was, like, HOW LONG AGO and he can still remember my face?

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