Between sacrifice and stupidity

Perhaps some people applauded me for sacrificing for my art when I bruised myself terribly practising ballet (Hole Series: Battle Scars).

That’s great. I’m happy to suffer for my art and I’m happy for people to admire me for it.

You do admire me for my great sacrifice, don’t you?

But I’m not so delusional as to believe that people will continue to admire me if I keep recounting such similar events.

So, today’s story is one of stupidity.

Over the weekend, I was practising a monologue which required me to crawl on my hands and knees. Remembering how fragile and bruise-prone my knees are, I told myself not to bear down on them too hard. That resulted in me sort of sliding gently around instead of “walking” on them. I was also wearing 3/4 pants, which I believed sufficient protection.

So I slid around on my knees and kept myself bruise free.

But barely a minute into my practice session, my pants rode up as I was sliding around and my room’s parquet flooring gave my right knee a good shining.

I felt a sharp burn and saw that a patch of skin had slightly sloughed off.

That was kind of painful. But the pain is nothing compared to the hideousness of the scab I have now.

This is one “battle scar” that’s gonna be staying with me for a while yet.

I don’t know how I got to be this stupid. How? Why?

You have my permission to laugh like a donkey.

24 thoughts on “Between sacrifice and stupidity

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    Nah, why would anyone laugh at you, sweetie? You dare to live your dreams and that is something to be proud of. In fact, you are a rarity these days… most just in it for money and fame…


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    yeah .. why would anyone want to laugh at you … you did a good job … and DO keep it up :)

    till then .. take care !!!!

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    Wind: Aw, thanks, you’re a sweetie :)

    RN: Haha… I would prefer them without scabs, of course. :P

    SC: Thank you, you’re a sweetie, too! :)

    Zero: Ah… hi :) I think you e-mailed me before sometime back, didn’t you?

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    Teh-O / Nanny Wen: HEY… my butt looks nicer than that ok! *mutter*… sheesh.

    Ruok: No lah! Told you long story already. Personal also. :P

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    lol! Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it’s her ass!

    Butt looks nicer than that eh? Prove it! Or No Picture No Talk! :D

    Naw, just kidding

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    Well, I was browsing your blog and at first glance, i thought that pic was somebody’s butts…”I was like “oh my god, who’s lipstick mark”.

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    Wah lau…. YOU ALL!! Hahaha… it’s very telling, isn’t it, that I get TONS of comments when I post pictures that look like a butt? I wonder what will happen if I post a REAL butt pic? lol.

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    Dun fret too much over it lah.

    Over time, it will heal and your knee will be as good as new. Just no short skirts/pants for you during this period. That’s all.

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    I disappeared for a long while to work overseas and when i popped back in…hey you are doing well! The scar will go away pretty soon, don’t you worry. But oooooo burning sensation haha…

    Reminds me of the cold burn I got from the extreme cold.

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    Eric: Haha… I don’t think so. Butts can be found everywhere on the net, no big deal mah :P

    JayWalk: Heh, thanks! Actually I still wear short skirts with the scab. Don’t care lah. lol.

    Dennis: Welcome back to Singapore! Hope you had a good time overseas! :)

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    I’d laugh. Enjoy living with excruciating pain in your knees and toes equal to that of a 60 year old when you’re only 40 or younger.

    I’d laugh. I’d also applaud. If you love it enough to knowingly accept those kinds of consequences, then that too is worthy of respect.

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