Hole Series: Not a fashion show

Remember I mentioned that Jann (producer) managed to procure clothing sponsorships for our film?

Not counting the ballet outfit, which was tailor-made, they got me about 11 outfits from three different boutiques.

Unfortunately, I only got to wear five of them because Jon (director) didn’t want the film to be a fashion show.


I didn’t get to wear my favourite outfit for the film and I forgot to take a photo wearing it. Sad~~~~~

But here are those that will be seen.

Oh, yeah, if you noticed, I’m kind of a sad person in the film. Some of these pictures were taken on set by Edric during camera rehearsals so I’m in character.

Did I also mention that I’m pregnant in the film?

It’s my third pregnant role to date. How cool is that? I’m beginning to notice that maternity clothes can be really cute. So, I guess it mightn’t be such a bad thing being pregnant, after all.

Then again, maternity clothes are freaking expensive for something you’ll outgrow in less than a year.

I think if I ever get preggers for real, I’ll just stay home naked all year.

14 thoughts on “Hole Series: Not a fashion show

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    Speaking about pregnancy, a certain someone asked me to get pregnant so I can influence his wife to want to have a baby by all the shopping for tiny baby clothes, cute stuff etc.

    Hmm…guess who? ;p

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    “I think if I ever get preggers for real, I’ll just stay home naked all year.”

    Well…if it ever comes to that, must remember to take pics and blog about them too! :P

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    Dav: No way! I’ll have to charge for that service cos it’s an effective weight loss scheme – you’ll lose your appetite after seeing the unsightly bloated nekkid body of mine. =P

    Minou: I never would have guessed lor. I was thinking Talin…. until someone crept up behind me to read your comment and then stood there with a silly guilty face and said, “It wasn’t me!” >_>

    Mother: That’s illegal, can?!

    Goonfather: Hello????????! Cheap shot! =P

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    Goonfather> its you isnt it! well done, anyway. =P

    QY> i come visit when you are manifesting a young one. nekkid you say?? hmmmm….

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    A lot of actors and actresses type-cast in narrow areas. Perhaps you could be the ultimate “pregnant actress” and show up in dozens of films always ready to have a baby.

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    Hi guys!

    I’m a newbie here.

    So i’d like to ask you if someone of you or your frineds was fired because of a financial crisis?

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