Hole Series: First project of the year

I am sacrificing one precious night of EQ2 play time to write this blog because I’m afraid my dear blog readers will delete my URL off their bookmarks for lack of updates.

So, come back, y’all, I haven’t died yet.

I have been busy working (boring temp job) during weekdays, playing EQ2 weeknights, and going for rehearsals weekends.

I feel stretched really thin.

Despite that, I think 2007 started on a very good note.

On New Year’s Eve, I attended a rehearsal for my coming short film (Hole in the Wall).

On New Year’s Day, I had a costume fitting and a photoshoot.

It was kind of a bummer not being able to spend the long weekend hanging out with my friends, but I love rehearsals and costume fittings and photoshoots, so I guess it was an excellent tradeoff.

This is the first short film I’m doing in which I get to wear sponsored clothes (with at least five sets of clothing changes) so I love my producer to death for procuring the sponsorships.

I also get a ballet dress and ballet shoes custom-made for me. It’s so exciting. I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina.

To top that all, my co-star is that funny cute StarHub commercial (among countless other commercials) guy. (You can read Edric Hsu’s blog here.)

We were taking a wedding portrait to use as a prop for the film.


I received a phone call from a dear friend yesterday. She said, “Qiaoyun!!! Are you pregnant?!”

“Er… no,” I said, “Never been.”

I was bewildered because this is a friend I hang out with a lot.

She said, “I just read your blog and you said you’re practising being pregnant!”

Ha ha ha.

I realise people have a tendency to misread things or jump to conclusions, so I feel a need to stress that this is not a real wedding photoshoot.

Anyway, here’s another photo with the director and producer.

The streets were teeming with locals and tourists on New Years’ Day, enjoying their long weekend. We saw a real marrying couple doing a real wedding photoshoot by the One Fullerton merlion. At least, I think they’re a real couple, just like how everyone probably thought Edric and I were a real couple (save for the more perceptive ones who recognise us as actors even if they don’t know our names).

When we were at Telok Ayer Street taking photos outside a temple, a tourist on a trishaw went past us. He smiled broadly and waved at us, and then he shouted, “I’m really happy for you!”

That was cute.

The shoot starts at the end of January, but we have rehearsals every weekend till then.

This was taken at our first rehearsal, which wasn’t so much a rehearsal as a session for exploring character and dialogue. Which is really cool. I love doing stuff like that.

Well, although I talk about having a good start to the year, I predict this will be a slow year for me.

Since I have to do real work to pay for singing and acting classes, I don’t really have time to get involved in too many acting projects, unless I can get long-term projects that pay at least as much as regular day jobs do. But that’s a luxury reserved for the lucky cream of the crop.

Low-fat nobodies like me have to rough it out and wait for a lucky break that may never come.

To look on the bright side of things, it makes life unpredictable and interesting.

But that is not to say that I am happy with the status quo. I am certainly not adverse to receiving my lucky break.

See, here is my practiced beseeching look.

“Please…?” it says to anyone who cares.

15 thoughts on “Hole Series: First project of the year

  1. Avatar

    Haha, so when are u wearing the brial gown for real?

    Anyway, may the New Year be one full of joy and juicy roles!
    Rock on!

    btw, the new WoW patch (Buring Crusade) is coming soon.
    Come back soon.

    WoW > EQ.

  2. Avatar

    For a moment, i thought there goes my chance … haha
    Well, about the lunch thing, err, well, its a casual thingy… what say you? Discuss this over email? I don’t have yours… But you have mine ( i think…)…

  3. Avatar

    Shingo: Haha, thanks. Great new year to you too! I wish I could play WoW, but I really only have time for one game and it has to be EQ2 for now. :(

    Songsblade: Cool! I’m in Blackburrow.

    Wind: Er… I don’t think I have your e-mail.

  4. Avatar

    I should have a slot open for another character..maybe i’ll make one open in Blackburrow..was that the unofficial “Singapore server” by any chance?

    another 2 more updates till Unrest comes back to EQ2..cool:)

  5. Avatar

    Hey you.

    I’m not entirely sure as to how I came across this site, but props for keeping it well kept.

    I know it’s hard working as an actress / writer… you and I are in the same boat.

    I, too, am a freelance writer / actor. I’ve been in several amateur films, won a few amateur awards, and that’s just about been that. I’m glad to hear that you have work, though. It’s always good to be working.

    What kind of work do you primarily like to do? Whatever pays?

    There is nothing wrong with that. But what would you like to be acting in? Or writing for? Send me an email, I’d be interested to hear.

    It’s funny, I was looking for information about EQ2, and I think I somehow found my way to this site.

    I play with some friends on the butcherblock server, but unfortunately, I do not have a very high level character…I keep creating and deleting characters while looking for that one perfect aesthetically pleasing look…

    Anyway, email me or look me up in game. My “main” is a Fae Guardian names Shint.

    Take care =)


  6. Avatar

    Haha you write very well, Qiaoyun, and your anecdotes are very entertaining. :) It’s been a while since our photoshoot and last rehearsals, I am itching to start filming already! :P

    Rationalneurotic: Thanks for your encouraging words and support! Really happy the ad has garnered such great response! Do give us a vote for the Viewers’ Choice contest ya and win big prizes! (Oops! Better not be too spammy over here!) =P

  7. Avatar

    Wang Wang: Haha, silly girl. I never scold you wat. But… Ohrin apples! I want! =P

    Wind: Sorry, been really really busy. Will contact you when things get more settled.

    RN: Hey, that’s great! I think it’s a great ad too!

    Songsblade: I believe BB was unofficially known as a “Singapore/Australia server”. But I think it’s changed a lot now. Not very sure, though, cos I only play my Fae casually and don’t group for high end content anymore.

    Steel: Hey, thanks for dropping a comment! I’ll be sure to email you once I see an end to the insanity in my life right now. ;)

    Starmist: Thanks, dearie! muacks!

    Edric: Thank you very much. :P I’m looking forward to our coming rehearsal. Glad you’re feeling better already! Haha, and no worries about “spamming” here. I hope your ad wins!

    Moralis: Er…. no time, no time! :P *dying*

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