Hole Series: Adrenaline rush

Filming hasn’t even started for Hole in the Wall and already I’m dreading the end.

This is one short film that’s uncharacteristically demanding in terms of pre-production preparation, but I’m loving every moment of it. Rehearsals, costume fittings, styling, research, dance practice.

But because it’s so involving, I predict the aftermath will be all the more unbearable. Many actors know the feeling of abject loss and emptiness following the end of an acting project. The longer and more involved one is in the project, the worse the effect.

I suppose it’s something like what druggies term the “crash” after the “high”. Or something like what a person who gets dumped might go through.

It’s a horrible feeling.

You live in a totally fantastic world for a period of a month to a year, depending on what kind of project it is. You fall in love with the people around you, the sets, the story, everything. And then, one day, it just ends. Everything you hold dear is wrenched away from you, and your loved ones walk away from you forever.

Terrible, terrible.

And then you start craving more. MORE. MORE!

But why am I even thinking all this? Duh.

Let me enjoy the high first and later will take care of itself. I suppose.

5 thoughts on “Hole Series: Adrenaline rush

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    Yes…more holes….MORE!! You want MORE! HOLES!! MORE HOLES!!

    Speaking of holes….we should get a few out and have another makan session next 1-2 weeks? Free or not?

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    Next 1-2 weeks my filming start already lah! =P Will be free after Feb 6th. That’ll give you more time to save money, bring me go eat nice, expensive foodie! =D =D

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