Sheyla the Fae

Since I re-activated my EQ2 account a week ago, I have spent more time creating and rerolling characters than actually playing the game.

After playing and deleting several characters (the main reason being that I kept changing my mind about the character’s name), and losing 80 gold pieces in the process (accidentally deleted a new character to whom I had mailed 80gp from one of my mules), I have finally settled for this one and I’m not going to reroll again cos it’s so tiresome.

I named her Sheyla because Sheylara is taken up by my main character, whom I have no interest in playing anymore but I can’t delete her because she’s a level 54 warden and level 60 tailor and I think the guild needs her once in a while.

I feel kinda sad for Sheylara. She’s now mostly a mentoring-down and tailoring mule.

Echoes of Faydwer is cool. It’s very like World of Warcraft, I suppose to lure WoW fans… which worked on me. Hah.

Okay, I think server maintenance should be done by now. Time to go!

8 thoughts on “Sheyla the Fae

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    If you get sick of your appearance or see someone with pink wings that you want (actually I’m talking about myself here), you can go to a barber, buy a makeover for 1gp and get to choose your appearance again at character select.

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    Caught a glimpse of you and Eileen @ Raffles Place on Wed (You gals were moving fast!) Almost couldn’t recognise you with that new hairdo…hehehe cute ^_^

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    I noticed fantasy characters have a big tendency to be…big *chuckles* Have fun playing your game! It will be something to look forward to especially after coming home from a tiring day.

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    Minous: Yeah, I know. I think it’s great! And cheap to change appearance for 1gp. :P

    Dav: Yah lor… I delete my 80gp very hard pain. :( But then I made that amount overnight by selling my last year’s Christmas decorations and spell books, lol. I have made another 1pp since. So, I guess it’s not that bad. Sheyla has the same colour scheme as Sheyli, but the face is different. I made different tweaks so she’s cuter now. :P

    Aftiel: Hehe… wanna play? :P

    Adrienne: IS IT?! Why never call us? Scream at us or phone us mah…

    Dennis: Haha… why do you think I spend so much time playing games? It’s the only time I can be… big. LOL.

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    I had a very long day and just saw off my good friends after a game of mahjong. Exercise for the brain =) I am guessing someone’s already warm and snug in bed haha sweet dreams!

    If I fail to catch you before the hour is over, let me wish you Merry Christmas! May you revel in the merriment and indulge in the warmth of the love of your friends and those you hold dear!

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