I need my long hair back!

Seems like I shouldn’t have cut my hair.

Recently, I was called up for a modelling job. I had gone for the audition two months ago when my hair was still long. The shoot was to showcase the different uniforms of a company throughout the decades and I was assigned to wear the 1960s costume.

Fortunately, the client didn’t dump me after knowing that I had cut my hair. So I still got to do the job. But I think my long hair would have been much better for the look they wanted to create. As it was, my hair just looked stupid that day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In September, I auditioned for the role of a Vietnamese bride. A month later, I went for a second audition and was told filming would begin early November.

November came and there was no news, so I thought I didn’t get the role.

Today, I got an e-mail informing me that the job is still pending and I’m still on the shortlist. And the shoot will be delayed till January.

Seems like I still have a good chance of getting the role (and it’s a good role, too) but my hair is now wrong and I don’t think they’re going to pick me after all. =(

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This week, I’m doing a modelling job for Sassyjan. It’s a four-day seminar/workshop for Sony HD video cameras and I sit there for hours in front of the cameras so that the workshop particpants have something alive to look at on their monitors while they’re playing with the cameras.

Anyway, Jan told me that the client likes models with long straight hair and bangs. Like my old hair.

Fortunately, I still got the job, but I think the client would have liked it better if I still had my old hair.

Speaking of the job, it’s really… indescribable. It sounds like easy money, getting paid to just sit there and do nothing.

But it is NOT easy.

YOU try sitting still on one spot with a friendly, smiling face for two hours at a stretch. You can’t move around too much because when they’re doing close-ups, your face will go out of frame if you move. They can’t experiment on camera settings properly if your face keeps disappearing out of frame.

I’ll admit that it’s a much easier task than to act like a statue (you know, like, those statue people in Orchard?). At least, for this job, I can blink. But it is horrendously boring to just sit there and do nothing for long periods of time. In the freezing cold.

It’s bloody COLD in the auditorium. Even the men feel cold in there. Even the ang mohs feel cold in there.

And I made a grave mistake today.

Because I was so bored out of my senses, I decided to count the money I was going to earn from sitting there, to motivate myself, give myself a reason to go on and to pass the time.

I imagined $1 coins flying past me and getting deposited into a big pot as I counted out the money I was going to receive.

How stupid can I get?

Very shortly after I started, the counting lulled me into a trance and I started feeling drowsy. I told myself I should stop before I fell asleep, but the stupid side of my brain insisted that it wouldn’t happen.

I haven’t even reached a hundred when I suddenly heard a voice saying, “Getting sleepy, huh?”

OMG caught out by a workshop participant.

That put a premature stop to my game and woke me up.

Once when I was in Melbourne, I saw live mannequins in a shopping mall. That is, real life models wearing the latest fashion, acting as mannequins. They had to sit or stand in position THE WHOLE DAY for the duration of the mall opening hours.

I can’t imagine how anyone can do that. The models were really good at it, too. Not a single movement or blink of an eye! Just imagining myself doing such a thing gives me the shudders.

Last day tomorrow! I am relieved!

Anyway, I hope no more jobs come in that need me to have long hair. I feel like a plaything, mindfucked and tossed about by fate, or God, or gods, I don’t know, whatever.

8 thoughts on “I need my long hair back!

  1. Avatar

    I think after cutting your long hair away, your luck is changing…?

    I dont know if u noticed, but i sure did. =P

  2. Avatar

    I agree with Lexandria. You seemed to have turned a corner but not into a cul-de-sac =) Think slip road leading out to the highway. When you have to keep smiling so long, besides the facial ache, do you find that sometimes your facial muscles will quiver slightly holding the same smile?

  3. Avatar

    I hate standing still too. I always fidget and dread parades during NS… I was told that the trick is to play with parts of your body that nobody watches; toes, since they’re encased in boots, or fingers if you have their behind you or something… It never worked for me though.

    But on the brighter side, you can take this as training for the next Subaru WRX competition… Placing your hand and staying their for the next 70+ hours!

  4. Avatar

    Lex: Got such thing one? Hmm… I don’t think so leh. Got a couple of jobs but nothing to scream about. Probably the only difference is that I’m a bit more cheerful now, but that is psychological.

    Dennis: Yeah. You see it all the time on beauty pageant and reality show contestants, haha.

    Alvin: Hurhh.. no thanks, man. I’d rather die than take part in that torturous competition.

    Mince: I look more retro with my long hair lah. Don’t you think?

  5. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Wah, pics of you in bootsies! Me like lots:) And I agree with you, my preference is long hair as well. Not that you didn’t look good with short hair though:)

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