Shakespeare coming out my ears

So, Stress Week is over and it’s now Feel Empty Week.

Especially since I pulled out all the stops to prepare for last Saturday’s Shakespeare audition.

I spent a day reading all the possible Shakespeare monologues to pick out my audition pieces, went online and sought advice from theatre practitioners, paid the National Library $21 so I could borrow Shakespeare videos to watch, borrowed books on performing Shakespeare to read and spent an entire week reading nothing but Shakespeare-related material, spent $203 to attend a Shakespeare workshop, refined my performance by taping and watching myself and slowly ironing out the kinks day by day.

One reason I put in so much effort for this audition was that I didn’t want to make a fool of myself since I’m quite new to theatre and I’ve forgotten how to play Shakespeare.

The other reason was that I wanted very much to get a part in the play. But I didn’t have any grand illusions that I would actually get anything. The main thing was still that I did not make a fool of myself and waste the auditioners’ time.

I don’t think I did very well at the audition but at least I don’t think my performance was cringe-worthy, either.

Half of me is very pleased with myself for having surmounted this intimidating task of taking my first step into the “elitist” realm of theatre. The other half of me is very disappointed that I didn’t impress the director enough. They didn’t call me back for the second round of auditions which was held yesterday.

Thus the feeling of emptiness. After putting in so much effort, nothing.

But I’m not saying I wasted my time or anything like that. Whatever hard work I did in the past week, I did also as preparation for future auditions to come. I’m just disappointed because it’s a play I really love and it would be swell to be a part of it.

Well, one good thing that came out of this is I got some nice photographs. I had to submit a recent photo for the audition so my friend, Danon, gave me an emergency photoshoot. His Workaholicness was kind enough to squeeze out a few hours of his precious time to shoot me.

Here’s one from the series. More later.

14 thoughts on “Shakespeare coming out my ears

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    Wow. Theatre. Arty farty. Good direction to go actually. Frankly speaking, I feel that theatre demands a higher level of acting prowess than TV as there’s no “CUT”, then redo the scene, etc.

    Anyhoo, that picture looks a little… *cold sweat* *swallows* *tugs collar* エロイ… (ero)…

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    Alvin: I feel that theatre and tv acting require different skillsets and neither is harder or easier. Both have equally “hard” and “easy” parts. Maybe I should blog about this some time. :P About the picture… what ero lah… not normal meh? *scratch head*

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    nice picture there, dear! =)
    venturing into theatre, definitely something different from acting in tv… do continue to try at it tho!

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    Maybe it’s the wide expanse of thigh you’re showing… Maybe it’s the pose… Maybe it’s that expression on your face… Maybe it’s all of the above :D

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    starmist: thanks, dear! =) yeah, last time i did theatre was in school, very rusty already.

    alvinaloy: maybe it’s… just your imagination? =P

    ruok: yeah, right. O_o

    lex: you talking to ruok? you want him to…? eep! not on my blog, please! =P

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    *ouch* Sizzling hot!!!! Do not be disheartened, all your hard work that you have put in will help you jump start your learning curve in preparation for similar auditions in the future. I will definitely support you at your theatre appearance so keep it up!

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