OMG busy

Why does this always happen? Everything likes to come all at once. Don’t you hate when that happens?

I have writing assignments to do, costume fittings and shoots to attend, audition monologues to prepare, acting workshop homework to do and new photographs to take asap.

And the deadlines must all be crammed so tight they can fit in a toenail!


The past two months, I was so free I was literally sitting on my butt 24/7, surfing the net and playing computer games. Why can’t events ever get spaced out evenly throughout the year?

This November is a super sucky month.

First half of the month – plagued with bad luck and sad events that plunged me into the ultimate depths of depression (which I haven’t even finished climbing out of yet).

Second half of the month – depression has to take a back seat because I’m suddenly crammed with deadlines (which some may consider a good thing but crammy deadlines suck big time, ok?)

Anyway, this means that long, self-absorbed blogs are out of the equation for the next week or two.

So… go gawk at someone else while I straighten up my life.

But come and visit once every few days, anyway. =P

OMG I just realised I haven’t played WoW in, like, 2 weeks. Or is it 3 weeks?


11 thoughts on “OMG busy

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    cram is better than cramps isn’t it? hehe…

    how could anyone possibly be sitting down 24/7 on the computer? ur butt made of rock ar ? :þ

    dun worry, i’ll set up a tent here and wait for your updates… :)

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    After being in the rut, things will move on the upswing. Enjoy the exhilarating flight and remember this when you are tired and feel like letting go especially when the previously suppressed depression tries to get you down and out…VICTI VINCIMUS.

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    These changes. I sense a ripple in the Force. The 7 stars are finally aligning into a single line. It is time…..


    You will find out soon!

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    no2slack: Hmmm… I think, yeah, after sitting down so much in my life, my butt is rock hard by now. :P

    Dennis: Erm… my flight is far from exhilarating now. I’m super stressed, especially over the coming audition cos I’ll be doing something I have very little experience and knowledge in.

    Mother: >_>

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    Gimme a Five, Alvinaloy. I was thinking the exact same thing.

    Anyway, the same thing happen to me every now and again.

    Guess we can never figure out why. :0)

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    Hi Qiaoyun, this is Hanni from Reel Loco.. Hope you still do remember me! Anyways, I have some friends looking for a lady to play one of the roles in their upcoming student final project. Let me know if you’re interested okay?

    -I lost your number so please message me on mine if you still have it yes?

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    hi QY, good to know that work is coming in hard and fast. Rough this one out then take a good break. I’ve got one final 2 week travel to go. After that, relak … shiok.

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