Of kids and cuteness

I got through yesterday with only three hours of sleep. We had played Runebound till 4 am and, after my friends went home, I surfed the net/blogged until 7 am.

Woke up at 10 am to get ready for a birthday party.

The last time I saw Mr Cute Personified was when he was, like, a day old. I had looked forward to attending his party because he looks so cute in his invitation card.

At the party, I sat in a corner for the whole two hours. Justyn (proud Daddy) tried to be the perfect host and came over to rile me up a bit.

J: What are you doing sitting in a corner? Go and mingle around.
QY: It’s what I do at parties. I sit in a corner.
J: You’re impossible.
QY: I’m anti-social.

I like to think I fill a very important role at parties. What’s a party without wallflowers? The popular ones can’t shine as brightly without them, can they?

But I did get off my butt long enough to grab food and to take a picture with cute birthday boy in his cute Japanese suit.

It was a great party where I enjoyed being a wallflower at. There were goodie bags prepared for the kids. I JOKINGLY told Justyn I was a kid and that I just had abnormal cells that made me taller than I was supposed to be, so I needed a goodie bag, too.

And, horrors, he told his wife to give me a goodie bag (which had a “The Incredibles” mask in it, among other things) and they wouldn’t let me leave without it.

Oh boy.

Next stop for the day: Bone marrow donor drive at Bishan Park II.

More kids!

There was a balloon man who made balloon weapons for the kids to fight each other with.

(Some kids, unfortunately, didn’t get weapons and got pwned.)

We also took a picture with Jaywalk‘s friend, Chrissy, who’s one of the organisers of the drive.

(Some kids just keep getting pwned.)

I was very pleased with my Pristine Sword of Purity, so I got the nice balloon man to make me another in black so I can dual wield. He said I was a scary kid.

Got meh?

After we left the event, we had some time to while away before dinner, so we went for a drink. Everyone had coffee or tea, as usual, except Kell, who had iced horlicks. I think he was in competition with me yesterday for “Best Kid Imitation”. Or perhaps Kell is really a kid.

With indecisive blood (hiak hiak hiak).

Despite his nickname.

Which I better not name here for fear of brutal murder.

I didn’t have coffee or tea because I don’t like. And, since I was a kid yesterday, I ordered “sparkling ribena” (with 5% alcohol).

That was a mistake because I was already quite stoned (having only had three hours’ sleep) and the alcohol only made me sleepier.

Still, I soldiered on because we had to pick Nanny Wen’s Pork at the airport in the night. Nanny Wen wouldn’t stop singing in her too-loud kiddy voice while we played Runebound two nights in a row because she missed Pork so much. Then again, Nanny Wen won’t stop singing all the time, regardless of Pork’s location.

Nanny Wen is actually the undefeated kid champion.

To while away more time, we went shopping and I bought three used books for $5.50. How cool is that?!

I normally rent books at a rental price of $4 – $5 per book. The books I bought yesterday were for sale at $1 – $2 each. The “Cheap Sale” section had mostly crappy books and teenage romances, but I found these three that didn’t look too bad. And I don’t even have to return them.

After welcoming Pork back to Singapore, we headed to our favourite coffeeshop for drinks. (No more “sparkling ribena” for me.) We all had teh-o iced limau while the guys talked about computers (yawn) and the girls played with the coffeshop kittens.


I could melt from all that cuteness.

7 thoughts on “Of kids and cuteness

  1. Avatar

    Eh… Suntec Carrefour was selling new books for $5 and $8.
    But that was on Thursday.
    You can go there and try your luck still…
    The selection is quite good.
    I bought 6 books. =p

  2. Avatar

    The “kana stabbed” picture looks damn cool….gonna make it my wallpaper!

    The balloon-maker makes strange swords :P

  3. Avatar

    Apt cheery outfit that you wore I must say =)

    Looking at the black kittens remind me of the time when I was staying at my old place. Neighbours took in 5 kittens which had lost their mother to a car in the housing estate car park. They were taken care of and well fed. I spent quite a lot of time playing with them as they were kept in a box outside the flat. They grew up fast and we soon found them foster homes as my neighbours had 2 himalayan cats. My mom had this phobia of animals then so we could not take one in. The night before they were to be taken in by the foster homes. A tragedy took place. I was working on my computer in the study and heard persistent mewing. It turned out that a sick fellow who had tortured and killed a beautiful cat on the 14th floor walked down the stairs. He chanced upon them playing in the lobby. (I stay in a point block then and it was usually deserted). He threw 3 of them over the railing from the 12th floor and took 2 of them to the 13th floor where he killed them before stuffing them in the water piping housing. He was caught because he had the audacity to hang around in the void deck waiting to watch the reactions of my neighbours and myself!!! Turned out another neighbour spotted him loittering around our floor. He got a light sentence and boy it was heart breaking when his parents came to ask for mercy. There was nothing we could do as it was prosecuted by the state. The girlfriend was really cocky though *grrrr*

  4. Avatar

    If I didn’t know better, I woulda said something like, “It sounds like maternity calling.” But I didn’t know any better nor worse, so I’d keep my counsel.

  5. Avatar

    Shell: Ooh. I guess it’s probably too late now, but thanks for the info anyway. =P I think my next trip shall be to the library. Need to save some money. =(

    Mother: Strange meh? I think it’s a really cool sword.

    dav: OMG *cover ears*

    Dennis: That’s damn disgusting, eew. But I’m glad the evil cat murderer got caught!

    alvin: You’re right. You don’t know better. =P I couldn’t be a mother. My kid would either get murdered by me before he’s 3, or even if he survives my evil ministrations, he’ll kill himself before he’s 18 from being mindfucked by a screwed-up mum.

  6. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Hmm, 2 years on and although you’re still saying the same thing about your maternal instincts, its in a far less horrific way, hehe:) I think you’re coming around, my friend, but don’t fret. You’ve still got time to achieve loads before that clock ticks a little louder:)

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