Nothing but photos

Here are more photos as promised.

After the hooha over that photo in my previous post, I’m afraid this batch is going to be disappointing.

But one can’t make an impression all the time, can one?

These are taken by my friend Danon in the evening/night without professional lighting, so they’re a little blur and underexposed. But I like that very much because my flaws don’t show up as much, haha. I love his framing, nevertheless.

Need to get some clearer pictures soon for work, though. So I’ll have to hound Danon some more and get him to shoot me in the day. Soon!

8 thoughts on “Nothing but photos

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    I think im in love… :P :P

    You look fantastic in all the photos!

    I love the last 2 pics of you! VERY VERY NICE SMILE! Very natural and very “soothing”. Like when you see the photo u’ll smile with it.

    Ahhh… Thats what they call “angelic smile” i suppose :D

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    Lex: *blush* lol, thank you… eeep. how not to lub you deep deep like that? =P

    Wind: Haha. Never knew you to be so drama.

    modelina: Thanks!

    desmond!!: goddess of mercy? wahh… i’m not worrrrthy!!

    val: thank you, gal! you been reading my blog all along or you just suddenly wander in today? =P

    Mother: Sicko lah you! I’m wearing the same things in all the photos. tshirt and shorts. *roll eyes*

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