33 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow

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    Been following you for the past few weeks, and you write pretty well, and your pictures have been pretty nice.

    Wow, but this really came as a shock.
    What a huge difference a hair cut makes.

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    Nice cut – fresh start… Fortes fortuna adiuvat. You look happy with your new cut and that is great! If you have the time, do catch Le Tigre Et La Neige screening at Cathay. I caught it and it was a good one. Left me thinking about some things.

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    Wouldnt you miss your long hair?

    If its me i’ll definitely miss it.

    heh. But i love the way it is on u! =D

    Fresh look!!! =)

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    Mother: This isn’t quite the same as the previous short hair I had, but I guess the length is about there. Strangely, the goonfather also said my new hair reminds him of Guan Zhilin. Got meh?? I don’t see any similarity at all. O_o

    Starmist: You didn’t know I was planning to cut my hair? :P (Actually have been planning for more than a year already. lol.

    Minou: Why? I think you look cute in short hair!

    yh: Thanks for reading my blog! It’s interesting to hear that people who just know me very recently can get shocked by my new hairstyle too. lol.

    Dennis: Yay! I still remember enough from Latin class to recognise your phrase! Hehe. :) Thanks for all the encouragement!

    Crashwire: Haha. Thanks!

    Monster: Glad you like it! Hmm… when you see me next month, it’ll probably look different because my hair was styled by my stylist in the picture. When I style myself, it’s just looks blah. =P

    Alvinaloy: Kinda only? Why kinda??? =P

    no2slack: Wow what?

    Lex: Yeah, I guess there are flitting moments when I miss my long hair. But there were also times I hated my long hair when I had it. I think people always are not contented with what they have when they have it, lol.

    Shell: Haha. I don’t think I look cuter than you, though. ;)

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    lol..meow meow is such a short hair girl..

    i remember when qy snipped it off she commented, “i feel like minou when she cut her hair and rebonded it”

    wahaha but i lub ur hair qy~~

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    no2slack: hmm is it? i still feel pretty much the same, though. =P

    Ruok: Tsk tsk. Why say until like you hate my long hair lidat? Haha.

    Minou: Oh yeah, that I agree. I suppose long hair for customary nicer also. ;)

    dav: My actual words were: “My new hair reminds me of Minou when she cut her hair short with the rebonded look.” =D But thanks for lubbing my hair! Will you give me Tigger? =P

    darkelfin: Beat what lah. You hardly visit my blog anyway. lol.

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    Aftiel: Short meh? I think not short enough. Thinking of going back to cut off another inch or two. :P

    dav: TIGGER IS MINE! mineminemine! =D

    no2slack: yah, seems like this hairstyle is good, no one got anything to make fun of it. *glare around*

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    ***Gasp*** Super chio leh!!!!!

    U make me want to cut also leh!! but my face too round.. haizzzzzzz
    i see people do something to their hair i very tempted to also do it!!!

    u luvvvvv ur new look !!!

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    Mother: Try lah… you never know. :P Post your before and after pic.

    Wang Wang: Wah… so chio meh? I was actually kinda disappointed with my haircut cos it was totally not what I requested for. :P But thanks anyway. Your hair don’t need to cut lah. I love your hairstyle (the last time I saw it, anyway, dunno if you change already, haha).

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    yeah i remembered you telling me about it, but i’m still shocked. laughs. it’s a different look, but you still look good (tho i prefer the long hair). =)

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