Belated Halloween entry

I bought my Halloween costume in Hong Kong five months before Halloween. At that time, I didn’t know it was going to be my Halloween costume. I didn’t even know I was going to attend a Halloween party.

I bought it because it’s an outift combining three of my favourite influences: Gothic, Victorian and Japanese. Also because it’s really cheap in HK (compared to prices in Singapore).

Thank goodness for Halloween. I’d never have gotten a chance to wear it, otherwise.

I love laces and ribbons and crosses. I was so tempted to buy two or three of those outfits but I didn’t because I was trying to be practical.

Many people thought I was dressed as Emily, maybe because I was holding a cat dolly. I did consider going as Emily, but they don’t sell dresses like Emily wears.

So I went as a Gothic Lolita. Might as well, since I already have the costume sitting in my closet. I even have two bodyguards. Except that my bodyguards turned on me at the last minute. Some bodyguards! Bah!

Maybe they wanted to steal Sabbath.

Sabbath is the cat in my arms.

I was shopping for a Gothic handbag when I saw him sitting sadly (and dustily) on a shelf. He looked so cute and lost that I decided to buy him instead of a handbag. (I carried him while the Goonfather carried my barang barang in his pockets. Haha.)

Incidentally, Sabbath is one of Emily’s cats. That is, this kitty is an actual character in Emily’s strange family. If not for it being an actual Emily cat with a name of his own already, I would have named him Mr Cranky.

Doesn’t he look like a Mr Cranky to you?

Sabbath has a beanbag bottom so he can sit on a shelf or on someone’s head (see first picture).

Next picture: My favourite costume!

Luvphobia (I don’t know his real name, lol) with his Little Red Book in his commie pose! How cool is he?!

I didn’t do much at the party. Like I mentioned before, I’m a wallflower sort of person, so I just kinda hung around in the shadows. But I did grab Vincent for a photo (or two, or three, or ten – us actors can’t resist photo opportunites).

No, that’s a joke. It’s not true. It’s a stereotype. I was quite camera shy the whole night and only took photos with my closest friends and my favourite costumes. And Vincent had his crazy self-censor specs which I insisted he remove when taking pictures with me.

Oh, my other favourite was Ah 9’s ninija costume. I took a picture with him but because he’s all black, he blended into the pub’s dark background and didn’t show up in the picture. But you can see his costume at his blog.

This Halloween party was really cool because of all the costumes and games and rowdy drinking people, but I think I had more fun celebrating Halloween two years ago. There weren’t any fancy costumes but it was hilarious because we had pumpkin candles to murder and we bought icky body parts candy to give away to the pub’s staff and regulars.

And I didn’t have to be a wallflower because it wasn’t, like, a real party; it was just a regular outing to a pub with my friends.

Last year’s Halloween was celebrated together with Rena’s birthday. We had a barbeque and a surprise birthday party for her at home with Halloween decorations.

Halloween is cool. But what’s more cool is having friends who are crazy enough to celebrate a crazy festival with you.

I love my friends.

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