They won’t leave me in peace

Got a call yesterday asking me to act in a TV drama. One scene. Two hours’ shoot.

Got an offer today for a role in a telemovie. It sounded like a great role at first. And then, five minutes later, it was revealed that it’s only one scene and NO LINES.

Not that I despise small roles, but if I accepted them, wouldn’t it be like someone who quits a job to accept a lower paying job in the same industry?

It’s regression.

I have paid more than my fair share of dues since I was 17. But it seems every time I take a step forward, someone tries to push me back two steps. Three. Four. Ten steps.

Fed up.

I can’t even take a break in peace.

Counting my teenage years, I have worked as a model/actress for eight years in all. I have paid more than my fair share of dues. My resume lists mostly leading and major supporting roles. So why do I keep getting stupid offers? I mean, I still don’t believe I got invited to audition for the role of an extra. That surely takes the cake.

I don’t think I’m being too prideful.

Imagine a manager of a whole department in a company getting a call one day asking if he would be interested to join another company as a junior clerk.

Where got such thing one??

It’s just not right. So stop calling me!


9 thoughts on “They won’t leave me in peace

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    Keep the chin up? When you think you have hit the rut, things will move on the upswing. Meanwhile, it is a good sabbatical for now to take stock of life. I believe when a door closes, another opens.

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    so sad….. characteristics of a prima donna…. serious actress or serious ego gap to fill.

    if you think you are what it takes to be in the acting arena, each role is as important as the lead….. and if you are not being cast for any… it simply means the character needs somthing that you do not have and someone else has.

    get a life and move on.

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    Dennis: Thanks :)

    ethics: I disagree. I’m not sure what industry you’re from, but let’s say you were working in an office. You started out as an intern earning $600 a month. You work hard and you help all your superiors well and help your company grow in your own little way. Seven years later, you’re STILL an intern. The company decided not to promote you or raise your pay because you do your job as an intern so well they can’t do without you in that position.

    Well, I don’t think many people would even stay in that position for over a year.

    People seek advancement in life. It’s the natural order or things. Can I call you a prima donna if you aspire to be a CEO? I think not.

    What if you ARE a CEO, and then one day, the company decided to downgrade you to an intern because they decided they can get a better CEO and you’d serve better as an intern for the next year or so at least. If you reject, can I call you a prima donna?

    I think not.

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    Ha! This post is 2 years-old and you are STILL way too busy with way too many projects and too little time. Looks like some things will never change.

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