Missing my toaster droid

I am seized by a sudden urge to reactivate my Star Wars Galaxies account. I miss my pet droid.

You know the droid that looks like a little toaster and makes cute sounds?

In SWG, it’s the cheapest droid and it was my first pet. Later, I got an R2-D2, but I still kept my toaster droid because it always made me smile for being so very cute.

(I don’t remember what it’s really called. I call it toaster droid cos that’s what it looks like.)

Anyway, I suddenly cannot remember the sound that it makes and it’s driving me crazy. I asked the Goonfather because he’s a Star Wars fan, but his reply was, “Like a normal droid sound lor.”

But it’s not lah!

The toaster droid makes a very distinctly cute sound BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER IT all of a sudden.

Any help?

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    It’s not fast. It goes like, “du du tt tt, du du tt tt!”

    Ok it’s kinda hard to verbalise it like that, lol.

    And I also remember it’s called the MSE Mouse Droid

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    Heya, im still subscribed to galaxies, and have been since launch, the Droid your talking about is a EEC Power Droid, Allso commonley known as a “Gonk” Droid, as they make a Gonk Gonk like sound.

    Back when i was droid engineer i loved these droids allso, but i made them only for bountyhunters as bomb droids, nothing quite as funny as watching a GONK droid Running after Jedi with its stumpy little legs, yelling GONK!! GONK!!!

    The other droid you could be talking about is the Mouse Droids, Small thing with 4 wheels most commonley used as Storage Modules or Bomb Droids. again cute little things but lacked the upgrade slots to make them realy usefull.

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    Hey, I’ve been reading your blog a lot, and I’m leaving my first comment. I don’t have much to say besides I enjoy reading all of your posts and have bookmarked your site :)

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