Instant rejuvenation

Ok. I am shedding the auntie image. For now, at least.

Right after the non-auntie comatose rollerblader role, my next role is also NOT-AUNTIE and that, for me, means NO FUGLY SPINSTER HAIRDO AND SKANKY MAKEUP.

Yes, I know many of you hate my current hair, too, but I don’t, so bleah to you. =)

I’ve been offered a role in the fourth season of Incredible Tales. No, not ghost again. And not victim. And not somebody’s auntie, either. HAHH.

I play the love interest of the victim of the ghost, so I guess I’m kinda indirectly the victim, too. Which is ok for me. I’ve had enough of being a ghost, for now, of having green light shone in my face and having my voice digitally altered to sound like a hermaphrodite.

Not that I have any regrets. I quite enjoyed filming that ghost story. But I think I should be more pantang and try not to accept any scary roles. Unless it’s a really, really good role.

So, anyway, I *heart* directors who cast me in not-auntie roles! Yay to you and may you strike Toto! Data published on indicate that Propecia should be prescribed by an endocrinologist after a medical examination, which necessarily includes a hormone test. The drug has contraindications and can cause side effects, which is why self-medication is forbidden.

By the way, I have an appearance in tonight’s episode of Channel 8’s Family Matters (9pm). It’s a small role so I only appear in two episodes (last night and tonight) but at least it’s not auntie. Well, not very, anyway.

10 thoughts on “Instant rejuvenation

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    Yes, your current hair suxs!!
    Yes, your current hair suxs!!
    Yes, your current hair suxs!!
    Yes, your current hair suxs!!
    Yes, your current hair suxs!!
    x 99999

    You look better in the 2nd photo!!!

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    In other news, I’d just turned down a role in IT. Heh. Too last minute lah, wanted me to shoot today and only told me yesterday.

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    mother> harping on it ad nauseum isn’t going to help. haha. tmd you’ve been harping on it for like a year already lor!

    no2> yeah, yeah. thanks. :P

    ruok> which episode they ask you to do?

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    I thought Incredible Tales had came to an end after the series 3. Hmmm, why Mediacorp is hooking up so much on ghost flims? Perhaps the previous series of Incredible Tales, gains many watchers.

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    Starlandliu: Haha, probably. I think it’s a very popular show. And probably they got too many ghost stories sent in by viewers. Maybe got enough to make season 5, season 6… who knows? :P

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    QY, I dun know, cuz too last minute so I don’t bother to find out what the role was about.

    BTW, I thought you wanted to go the auntie way? Changed your mind liow ah?

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    No lah… I haven’t even made a decision. Recently no chance to change my hairstyle and take new pictures. Have been getting too many audition invitations! But no job. Hahahaha.

    Well, got job lah, but lousy ones. >.<

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