The chihuahua wannabe

By the way, the Goonfather gave me a digital camera for my birthday (yay) so we all don’t have to put up with texty blogs and WoW screenshots anymore (yay).

Since I can take photos again, I will once again pepper this blog with endless photos of my favourite subject.



I meant Scruffy.

Scruffy got a haircut recently and now looks like an oversized chihuahua.

Hmmm. I just realised that I don’t have a picture of him without the bag because he looks cuter in the bag. He has this bewildered “what the heck” look which he does so well.

I think maybe he enjoys sitting in a bag under a table because he has feet to look at.  

Plenty of feet.

Plenty of EVIL feet!

And the evil person who put Scruffy in the bag is Nanny Wen, Scruffy’s new nanny.

Then again, considering that Nanny Wen put her bag at risk of being peed all over by Scruffy, just so she can take him out, probably makes her not so evil.

She doesn’t look evil, anyway. From the back, at the least.

And Scruffy seems to enjoy the ride very much, so we’ll give her the benefit of doubt for now.

And that’s all for today’s show and tell. Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “The chihuahua wannabe

  1. Avatar

    hey, saw u on tv. u looked uhm .. old. heh.
    i took a few minutes to figure out it was you cos i remembered reading an entry here eons ago about u reading a chinese script heh…..

    whats the next project?

  2. Avatar

    Mince Pye: Does it, now? You not gonna demand royalties too, are you?

    Dav: Cheque OTW!~ Hope the bank don’t bounce back cheques for less than 20 cents. :P :P

    Chris: That’s nice!

    Blucat: Look old still nevermind. I think what’s worse is I look like a retro auntie. Next project? I don’t know.

    August: Scruffy’s a yorkshire terrier. :)

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