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My gamer friend Chak tells me that I’m on TV.

I think I ought to watch more TV because I never know when I’m on. It’s always:

“Hey, I saw you on TV just now!”

“You did?”

And I’m, like, racking my brains trying to think what it could be.

Anyway, the current one is the Channel 8 drama, Measure of Man, showing at 9pm on weeknights. It’s the one where I play a vice president of a bank, a role I had much difficulty with because, on my first day at the studio, I had to keep going back to the makeup unit to redo my hair and the wardrobe unit to change my clothes.

Each trip was about a 10-minute walk to and fro and I had to do it about four times before the director was satisfied that I looked old enough for the part. Actually, I think it still wasn’t all that satisfactory in the end, but the day was slipping by and we had to shoot.

I appear in 16 episodes (out of 20) but in most of them, I only have about five minutes (or less). So don’t bother trying to catch me in it unless you actually want to watch the show. It’s a pretty good show.

I have four scenes tonight, so tonight’s the night if you want to catch more than a fleeting glimpse of me.

Oh, and Happy National Day. =)

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    Yes I saw you too on TV; was wondering if it was you and when I saw the credits rolling it confirmed my guess. Been reading your blog for a while so I am kinda familiar with your face by now haha.

    I’d like to say that you speak well in Mandarin, at least you sound the most pleasant of all the non-permanent actors/actress they got in the show. Huang Wenyong’s ‘mother’ in the show looks too young to be his mother even with that make-up and worse, she sounds stiff. At least you don’t and in fact you sound very pleasantly clear and natural. =)

    But I do feel your character could have shown a little more ‘hardness’ as a career woman who managed to climb her way to her high post. Currently you just across as angry (for being sacked by Huang’s character) mostly and still girly at times. But that’s really just my personal take. =D

    I’m glad to have finally seen you in action. I think it’s good exposure for you! All the best to you ya!! Hope to see you more on TV heehee…

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    Sunny: Thanks. But I look so auntie don’t I? My cousin said I look like an auntie from the 80s with that hair and makeup. lol. I kinda agree with her. Sadly.

    Irena: I’m grateful for your comments! I agree I didn’t do the role very well. Have never been good at being authoritative/mature, even in real life, so I just can’t carry it off on screen. But fear not, I’m taking acting lessons now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do better the next time such an opportunity comes along. Thanks for your support! :)

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