Hairy issue

Recently, a MediaCorp executive producer complained to me, “You’ve looked the same for years and years. Every time I see you on TV, you have that long, rebonded hair look. It’s time for a change, you know.”

Now, that was quite hurtful because:

1. My hair is not rebonded.

2. It’s not my fault that MediaCorp stylists prefer leaving my hair ramrod straight instead of giving me fanciful hairstyles.

3. I have had many jobs in which I looked totally different. Like in I Not Stupid Too and in that Kao Magiclean commercial.

Now, of course, I did not say all that to the EP because EPs are very busy people and have no time to entertain the whines of struggling nobody actresses. And I’m not being facetious by saying that. I live by that rule of thumb: Never whine or grumble in the face of people to whom you owe your living.

So, I was moved to look into the matter myself.

I went home and activated the folders where I keep the pictures of my past shoots. Then, I made a montage of a hundred versions of my scary face to compare the hair.

Fine. There aren’t a hundred faces here, but it’s close enough.

After making the montage, I was taken aback by the realisation that the executive producer was quite right. I look the same in most of these photos. Whether my fringe is long or short, whether it’s brushed back or windswept or hanging like a curtain, even when it’s all tied up, I look the freaking same.

It’s that horrid limp, straight hair that looks like it’s been painted onto my scalp. (Except in the picture on the 2nd column, 2nd row. That one’s a wig. But, see, even when they put wigs on me, they manage to make me look as similar as ever.)

So. I shall have to do something drastic to prevent people from getting sick of my long, straight, black hair. I’m sure it is very irritating to always see me looking the same on screen. I myself feel irritated by it. I’ve had long, straight, black hair since I was two years old.

At various points of my life, I have made attempts to change my hairstyle but, unfortunately, it always grows back long and straight.

So, this time, I shall cut my hair really short and colour it and maybe end up with something like this:


The only problem is that I’m always in-between jobs and auditions and I can’t cut my hair until I totally have no projects lined up and I haven’t been to an audition in the last two months.

Which is quite impossible because I can’t NOT go for auditions. How would I survive?

I am in quite a conundrum, aren’t I?

18 thoughts on “Hairy issue

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    I think you should try the short spunky hair..
    add another dimension to your portfolio
    but how can we bear to let you cut your trademark hair right?
    especially it gives you this really deer-in-headlight look…

    come and think of it, off to the snip!

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    Dear Up-And-Coming-Actress-Subject,

    The Entertainment Kingdom frowns upon the staus quo.

    The past year has seen the Kingdom reinventing itself in line with the current “Remaking Kingdom” campaign (where we have added Casinos for new entertainment).

    You should consider doing the same.

    As in change your hairstyle, not add Casinos on your head.

    All Hail Humorous Me.

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    Cut hair, but buy a wig of your previous hairstyle so you can look like the pre-haircut-QY if needed! QED! :P

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    That hairstyle would be cool and hip.
    Especially K-Drama and J-Drama are teens’ fav pastime. You may look like a Korean actress.

    You never know that
    i) you may get a role of a young rebel girl, instead of a middle-aged auntie.
    ii) you may advertise for those Gatsby/Hair Coloring Branded-Products.

    New Look, New Life, New Opportunities!!

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    Wow. That last picture sure looks nice.

    Personally, I’m long-straight-black-hair deprived since partner doesn’t want to look like another stereotypical Asian woman. But guess I’m gradually getting used to it.

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    Sorry for resurrecting this old post, but I just can’t help to comment… the photo in the 2nd column, 3rd row is very, very, very gorgeous. :D

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    Oh my, I just realised I never replied to any of the comments here. Haha. Must have been hibernating or something. :P

    modchip: No worries for the post resurrection. Archives exist for a reason – to be read… and commented on! ;) Thanks for the comment! Heh.

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    I would like to use the montage in my article in my Korean blog showing different types of women. Would you allow me ?

    Thanks for your kindness.

    Best wishes,


  9. Avatar

    Hi SB, thanks for asking for permission! Well, actually, I would rather you not use the montage because I think I look quite hideous in some of the shots and wouldn’t like the pic to be floating around anywhere. :P

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