Opening shoot for Chinese drama tomorrow, TWELVE SCENES, all of them full of dialogue, even monologues. I think they’re trying to kill me OMGWTFBBQSAUCE.

Shoot also on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Hadn’t had time to prepare much, what with my data entry job and other commerical jobs and trying to go to the gym every day (but not succeeding very well due to lack of time). I’ve been carrying around my gym bag with the same set of gym clothes (fresh ones lah) in it, for a week now.

That explains why I’ve been so quiet here.

Forgive me. Now I need to return to my script.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Addendum: Wah lau they’re bringing forward three of my scenes from Sunday to tomorrow so I have to do FIFTEEN SCENES TOMORROW. WTFCRAZYLAH. I is not robot! Where got lidat one!! Liewz! O_o

12 thoughts on “Stress!

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    I shall consider implementing Union laws in my entertainment kingdom. Wait…. that will leave me with little control and unable to exploit my subjects to their full potential. Too bad, just suck it up girl and do the 15 scenes. Do 51 more if you are bad at it. If you do well, there’s an opening for Random Palace Flower Dancer. All hail benovelent me.

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    15 scenes in one day… hmmm.. think the director must really see you to be rather competent… no retakes, no NG, and no need to lug 4-and-a-half ton of tape around…

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    Stress is everydays life. Stress is anywhere. Stress can be occurs in any situation.

    A few ways to reduce the stress is to:

    -Listen to music, either light or heavy duty
    -Scream at the seas or shout at the wall
    -Smile and laugh to yourself
    -Talk to your most trusty and reliable person

    Hope that will helps you.

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    That sounds like a busy life. Let me sit back, enjoy my cerveza and read more about your exploits (or is it exploitation). =P

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