Inconsequential rambling

Now that I have spent an entire morning and my lunch hour setting up this new blog skin, I have no more time to blog.

I must now continue with my Chinese reading after a weekend spent in a stupor of denial.

Chinese! Aaaaah!!

I might come back to blog after I’m done pulling my hair out. Or I might be inconsolable by then and will have to spend the rest of my sad life in a white, padded cell.

What’s with white, anyway? Is it supposed to have a sanity-inducing effect? Is it because white is cheaper?

Regardless, I sometimes think insanity is a blessing. But I don’t want to be a parasite and make my loved ones pay for me to live in a white, padded cell until I die.

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So, unfortunately, I cannot afford to be nuts. Sorry.

17 thoughts on “Inconsequential rambling

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    Aberwyn: Why would a crazy person want or need to see impurities clearer?

    Mother: YEAH! Welcome to my padded cell!! *hug Mother*

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    Good blog skin and good English you have here, ^_^

    The only downside points is that: my eyes got abit of irritatiness dealing with the extra glaring from your white blog skin….

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    Crashwire: thanks :)

    Dav: Actually, it was accidental. The background is a screenshot from SWG. I tried superimposing a few nice scenary screenies on the header and it turned out that this one looked the most pleasing. And I think rain kinda fit the blue theme of the layout. So rain lor. I think my photo doesn’t go. I need to find a sad photo :(

    Starlandliu: Hmm… but isn’t white the most common colour on the Internet? I think more than half of all Internet pages are white leh. So.. people should be used to the glare … heh.

    Wind: Thanks! :) I will try to upload my stuff, but it’s a bit hard. Either I don’t have the appropriate software to do a specific conversion, or I can’t get hold of a copy of the stuff myself.

    Mince Pye: Now we know…

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    QY.. I prefer the old one.. not saying white is not good.. but the rain is depressing…

    in my heart.. you are forever so perky.. so bubbly.. so shiny.. go my blog and see wat I said abt u.. ^_^

    i always go your blog cuz your blog makes me happy.. now i feel a little sad… but i still lub u all same!!! *hug*

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    Rain is good. It washes away impurities and dirt. :P Sunshine comes after the rain mah. I love your latest post! But sorry to make you sad! Don’t sad. Come, let me lub you deep deep!

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    You can check out my black blog skin. I used that because some of my old readers complained that the white is too glary until their eyes goes “pops”….

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    I wonder about the people in the white padded cell, whether they are truly insane? or it’s just a failure to communicate.

    Someone once said that the difference between genius and madness is success. Craziness and eccentricity is the amount of money in the bank account. That is very possibly true.

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    Star: My old blog was black. :P I don’t want to go back there.

    Vandalin: I think that is very true. :P Money makes the world respect you and bow down before you.

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