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I found a fun program off KingMeng’s blog.

It’s one of those things I just have to try right away, unlike most things I usually file away for a rainy day until I invariably forget all about them.

Now, I had a lot of trouble picking adjectives to describe myself because my personality confuses me. But perhaps you’ll find it easier since you don’t live with me and you don’t have to put up with my split personality.

So, why don’t you help me out? It’ll take you only a minute, unless you’re as indecisive as I am. Hah.

Then make your own and let me know so I can come do yours. But only if I know you personally. Duh.

15 thoughts on “Tell me about me

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    Hehe. Thank you *blush*. Hmm… 2 people voted me silly so far. WHAT??? I’m silly?? =P lol.

    Anyway, this is so funny. Thanks to those who participated. Let’s have more coming, shall we? :)

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    Qiaoyun : The two folks who vote you ‘Silly’ because they can’t find the friggin’ word ‘Naive’. Not a good substitute, but what else can they do? If given a choice me will put ‘Humourous’, plus ‘MEANIE’ because your cleric character bully me *sniff*

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    Ah Toh: No heals for j00!!! LOL. Actually, I voted myself silly also, as you can see from the window. And I’m only a meanie to people who are meanies first. :P

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    WAM: Aww thanks :)

    Sunny: Alamak, have to guess one meh? :P The adjectives chosen are impressions I give you, so there is really no right or wrong. Heh.

    Chong: Uh… (repeat answer above). Well, maybe you bring out a different side in me. Haha.

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    Erm…what’s a single word that describes healthy hair? *grin*

    On a more serious note, I’d choose the word “vivacious”

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    Moralis: Word to describe healthy hair? Annoying. Yeah, really, my hair constantly annoys me. Hah.

    Ah Toh: Aaaaah stupid Ah Toh! /hammer /smite /rude :P

    Vandalin: Oh, I just don’t have the patience to sneak around in the shadows waiting for opportunities to backstab my foes. I prefer to just run in and bash. Haha.

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    @Sheylara / Peaches: Hmm, I finally got around to reading this entry, hehe:) Anyway, I personally think that choosing only 5 or 6 words are way insufficient to describe someone, but choose I did:)

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