It’s okay to celebrate Valentine’s Day

I am finally enlightened.

All these years, I have celebrated Valentine’s Day feeling like a fraud because there’s this part of me rebelling against the idea of having to set aside a special day to love someone.

Some years, I’m like, yeah okay, let’s go to McDonald’s and then let’s go home and forget about it.

But now, I have broken through the cynicism and finally understood.

Valentine’s Day is like any other “special” day. Birthdays, anniversaries, Teachers’ Day, International Women’s Day, World Turtle Day. In the sense that there is a reason and purpose for each designated day.

Although there is merit in the school of thought that goes, “We do not celebrate Valentine’s Day because we believe one should be loving every day of the year, and not just one day in a year,” the theory is not entirely sound.

Yes, one should love every day of the year, but that doesn’t mean one can’t also specifically celebrate love on a particular day. Valentine’s Day reminds us to be appreciative of our loved ones and that’s always good.

At the very least, it’s an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. And any excuse to eat, drink and be merry is a good excuse.

But I do not support commercialism on Valentine’s Day.

Boycott overpriced roses! Boycott overpriced restaurants! Boycott retailers who try to teach us how to celebrate when it’s actually they who are celebrating the sudden incoming cashflow!

The one-day price inflation is ridiculous. Retailers are smart to take advantage of the fact that many men are willing to pay the moon and the stars to impress some lady. But I’m not out to impress anyone and no one is out to impress me, so us plebeians will just drive to the nearest McDonald’s for some very unhealthy but very cheap indulgence.

Nobody said you have to celebrate with roses and fancy restaurants.

And I will celebrate with little Scruffy tonight by giving him all the belly rubs he can tolerate. He is clean and fluffy now because I gave him a bath last night, on the assumption that clean dogs are easier to love.

In fact, clean anything is easier to love, so remember to shower regularly.

And now, let me share with you a homemade digital “card” I received from someone who wants only to be known as “secret admirer”.

Thank you! Extremely sweet of you!

I hope everyone has a nice Valentine’s Day, too, and don’t forget to tell your loved ones that you love them!

10 thoughts on “It’s okay to celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Avatar

    Hope you still can recall Xiao Di…

    No problem! Your Godfather will sure give you belated Valentine Days’ celebrations in the remaining 364 days…till the next 2/14…

    Hey… btw I saw you in a MRT advertisement of a hairloss product/service called Tricokare… Am I correct?

  2. Avatar

    I had Macdonald’s last year!
    But dunno why this year Kerr booked a table in a restaurant lei.

    V Day is really a day where girls show off who has the biggest bunch of flowers. -_-

  3. Avatar

    Nu-er….you have grown more appreciative of CNY and Valentine’s Day. Hmm….so when are you giving me my sun-nu-ers and sun-zis? :P

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    Which is why on Valentine’s Day, I don’t usually go to special fancy restaurants (I eat at non-special or non-fancy ones every other day actually), nor buy flowers now (bought a bouquet of 50 roses once from a good buddy’s florist mom).

    I think it’s so much better to “invest” in jewellery ;) Tiffany has some nice ones for under $300 or $400 (:P). Found out a few years back that Swarovski crystal jewellery is pretty cheap and looks nice. But this year, I bought a Baccarat bracelet.

  5. Avatar

    New Justice: Huh?? You are Xiao Di?? Yep, that’s me in the Trichokare ads.

    Minou: Waaah! Hope you enjoyed your V-Day dinner! *wink*

    Mother: Oei! I’m not even married! *piak*

    Alvin: You actually like “investing” in jewellery? Ooh… your wife must be one happy lady! :P

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    Why must it be the guy that make the plans and do the work for vday? I say, let the gals take the lead for once, while we just dress up, sit back and relax.

    I’m all for equality!

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