I am everywhere

I am being spotted everywhere (list here).

But I am still very unknown, so I can still go out in shoddy clothes and no makeup, which is something I quite enjoy.

As much as I want fame and fortune, I am scared of having to dress up just to go to the neighbourhood market.

Even non-good-looking celebrities have to look glam all the time, don’t they?

Another one of my commercials (Toyo correction tape) just went on air.

And I saw my EyeRelax video playing in an endless loop outside Guardian Pharmacy at Marina Square. I don’t think anybody watches it.

But please go and buy one because if the response is good, they’ll make it a TV commercial. It’s very expensive, though.

I saw my Carlsberg commercial in the cinema two nights ago and, boy, do I look like a tart.

Okay, I shall stop criticising myself now.

On a totally separate note, Chinese New Year is a beauty hazard. I ate too many Japanese peanuts and now I have a pimple on my nose. I haven’t even started on the bak kwa yet.

This is really sad. Peanuts are evil!

I’m going to bed to sleep the pimple away.

23 thoughts on “I am everywhere

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    Yes, very accurate observation about the video. I saw the device, but never knew there was an accompanying video. :P

    The device is quite flimsy looking, machiam like toy.

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    Hey! Thks for visiting Ladida blog. i-mode seems quite huh? Anyway, hope got other distractions to have fun on. Cheers to Year of the Fire Dog!

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    Just caught I Not Stupid Too today. Wow your voice is schweet!! Haha, often wonder whether its your real voice in those ads but in the movie its the real deal. And you’re a great actress too. Especially loved the scene where your character was asked how babies come about. LOL! Keep it up, you rock!!

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    Derrick: Thanks for the compliments! I’m surprised what you said about my voice. I kinda hate my voice and feel embarrassed every time I hear myself on TV. But, well, I’m relieved there are people who don’t think like me. lol. :P

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    Now why would you have your voice? Its so niiiiiiiiiiiiice. LOL. Its a pity we don’t see you on TV more often. Mediacorp must be blind not to have offered you a contract. HMPH!!

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    Hehe. I think my voice is too nasal and sometimes rough. Actually, I lost out a big juicy role in a MCS production because they said my voice not sweet enough for that role. :(

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    Hah! That proves my point that Mediacorp doesn’t know talent if it snuck up behind them & bit them in the butt! Your voice totally rocks! Besides, surely its one’s acting talent that matters. Voice can always be dubbed. Zoe Tay’s voice was dubbed for ages anyway.

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    Yeah, I think it’s been quite clear from past history that Mediacorp is not good place for real solid actors. The impression it gives me is more like a place for people who can suck up and impress the right bosses to succeed…

    The fact that actors with mediocre acting skills gets to be called the “Ah-Ges” and “Ah-Jies” of mediacorp is sufficient proof.

    But enough of pessimistic talk, I’m very sure Sheylara will succeed, just keep perservering with the passion for whatever you do (acting/gaming/eating etc)!

    May the Force be with you!
    Giamcai cà lordi

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    Hahahaa. Your name is really cute. Took me a closer look before I realised what it really is. ROFL.

    Anyway, MediaCorp does have several actors with superb acting skills. And for me, I think I am not any better than them also. LOL. Well, no matter. I just know I’m getting better every time I do it. :P

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    hey i watched i am not stupid too and found you better inside compare to u appearing in Carlsberg ! Look just like a real teacher. Way to go!

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    Yeap, just saw the ad, but I didn’t register that was Qiao Yun until the end when I thought, “This lady sure is familiar”. Afterwards, I recalled some mention of some “Magi Clean” ad on this blog and aha, relevation…

    GJ Qiao Yun! Another truimphant performance!
    Giamcai cà lordi Hója

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    @Sheylara: Bad link alert! Unless of course, you meant for the above list of your appearances to be bogus:) In any case, 2 years on from this post, and you’re in a lead role of a feature film! Attagirl:)

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