Who am I? Not too sure…

First of all, thank you all for participating in my Johari Window exercise. It was fun, wasn’t it? And it is very interesting for me to find out what people think of me.

It is even more interesting to note that I have no truly dominant trait. Almost all the provided adjectives, many of which are contradictory, have been used to describe me, and there seems to be no proper consensus as to my personality.

And I don’t think I can really object to any of the choices.

You know what this all means?

This means that I’m certifiably confused.

I think it also means that I’m probably not a very memorable character since I have nothing that sets me apart. Like, you know, people won’t point at me to their friends and go, “Oh, see! That’s that crazy girl with the funny hat who plays tennis with a monkey!”

People might point at me and go, “Oh, see! That’s… uh, I mean, actually, um, I also dunno. I just find her familiar.”

Speaking of which, something strange is going on.

Three different people have come and told me they’ve seen me in three different ads. Each time, I had to correct them because, sadly, I am not in the ads they mentioned.

Last night, another acquaintance told me he’d seen me in “that ad”.

Well, I have learned my lesson. I decided not to ask him “which ad?” like I normally do. That way, if he happened to be thinking of the wrong ad, I won’t have to know and I can continue to assume that I really am that prolific and people really do see me everywhere and recognise me. Haha.

Sometimes you have to practise a little self-deception for the sake of a little comfort.

Anyway, I think this also means that I probably have a very common face if people are going around mistaking me for someone else.

So maybe all those “I find you familiar” comments arise not out of my actual “fame” but out of my having a common, easily-mistaken-for-someone-else face.


You people just wait.


Perhaps plastic surgery will help me look more unique and properly recognisable.

But while I save up for boob jobs and nose jobs and the like, I think I’d better work on my personality.

For detailed results of my Johari window, click here.

If you haven’t participated, please click here first.

Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Who am I? Not too sure…

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    Finally update the blog… about time!!

    About your (online/onscreen) personality, actually you can sum it up by looking at the more common traits – those of 31% & 27%.

    Let see : (31% range) Spontaneous; friendly; self-concious; (27% range) Independent & reflective. In short, you give impression to most folks of a outgoing girl who is protective of own image. See, so simple.

    Oh yes, almost forget… YAY!!! FIRST POST!!! ROFLOL!!1!!!

  2. Avatar

    the Nohari looks really depressing!! I don’t think I ever want to do that for other people -shudders-

    and no qiaoyun, you’re unique! you know, the actress with the wawa hair.. games geek.. and people actually notice you for your shoe!

    ok what am i talkin about. but i do honestly think you’re uniquely you!

  3. Avatar

    If you want people to correctly connect your name to your face, do a tammy. :P

    Oh btw, I still get peeps coming up to me and insisting it was you in the Hotel 81 ad… see, a bit more can do a tammy liow.

  4. Avatar

    Ah Toh: That just means about 30% of people think I’m an “outgoing girl who is protective of own image”. The rest don’t think so, and the rest is majority. :P Ok, since you got first post. *gib you sweet*

    Mother: Hehee.. that’s what I thought about the Johari at first. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing to only focus on your good points! LOL. Didn’t know there was a nohari. I might try that!

    Dav: Simi wawa hair?! Anyway thank you dear, you are always so supportive! muak you! and yeah! I really enjoy being recognised for my shoe! duh! lol. :P

    Ruok: What’s a tammy? Anyway, I really think they should have give the Hotel 81 girl more face time. You pay money for a pretty girl but you don’t show her face more. Eh? Like, zzzuppp zzzup over already, can’t really see her face clearly, make people think it’s me cos of the hairstyle. chey. :(

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    Qiaoyun : That’s not how you intepret the results, you silly!! *execute Shin-Shoryuken on Qiaoyun* Spontaneous, friendly & self-concious are your most evident traits among the rest, as compared to the other fragments that make up 70% of the final result. Ever heard of 30/70 rule?

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    Here, my relatives are still confusing me and my younger brother. And we’re born 2 years apart!

    Come to think of it, I have a common face as well. Everywhere I go, I have people coming up to me telling me they have a cousin, brother, friend, childhood buddy, neighbour…. that looks like me.

    Why is it that I never have someone that come up to me and say, you look like my highschool sweetheart, my crush, my bf, someone-i-had-an-head-over-heels-infatuation-for-but-never-dared-to-tell-for-fear-that-my husband-will-kill-me, that kinda thing???


  7. Avatar

    I tried to find one called “woman” which equates to you, but alas there is not enough translation words to fit your bill i am afraid! LOL be cool and just be you!

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    Doing a Tammy ain’t nothing new. I’ve learnt from Sex & The City (Samantha Jones) that it works. Look at all the publicity that it brought to Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton then.

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