Why everything so last minute?

Two days ago on Sunday, my schedule for this week looked really empty.

So I was planning to get a lot of studying in. Japanese lessons are waiting for me to resume but I need to revise intensively first.

Nihongo wa muzukashii desu ne.

Over the past two days, though, my schedulling diary suddenly exploded.


All of a sudden, I now have two full-day shoots, one wardrobe fitting session, five auditions to attend, and one magazine article to research and write.

Did I ever mention I really hate writing for money? But I keep accepting these assignments because we have to do what we have to do to survive. I even once in a long while solicit for more writing jobs. I r a glutton for punishment.

I am now slowly approaching panic lane because my entire week is now packed.

But my article has to be in tomorrow or Thursday.

And my Japanese has to be revised before the middle of next month (I have six months’ worth of revision to do).

And I keep having people calling me up to go for auditions and shoots (which I can’t reject for obvious reasons).

So last minute lor! See I so panicky until I lapse into Singlish liao.

And the Goonfather wants to go for ice-cream now.

(I have such a nice, flat tummy, too, from a whole week of involuntary dieting due to illness. And he wants me to ruin it with ice-cream.)

So what do I do? I start blogging.


I’m going crazy.

14 thoughts on “Why everything so last minute?

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    Yeah. Japanese people can be difficult sometimes ;) However, I guess it should read: にほんごは むずかしい ですね!

    You know… In this day and age, when you have too much work and too little free time, it’s time to start OUTSOURCING! Or, for the politically correct, RIGHTSOURCING!


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    Wah… 2006 seems to be a very 旺旺 year for you!!!! Good good… Maybe also cuz u changed ur name for the better?

    I also need to 旺旺 !! ^_^

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    Alvin: Oops. Haha. I always mix up nihonjin and nihongo when I’m not thinking about it. And this time, I told myself I must type go and not jin. And I still went to type jin in a rush. Sigh.

    Wang Wang: Hmm… if anything, I think my name is turning people off because no one can pronounce it! Haha. I keep getting calls from strangers and hearing the hesitation in their voices when asking for me. And most of them say Xiao Yun (Little Cloud). LOL.

    Ruok: But ice-cream tastes good!

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    Xiao Yun! It’s sooo cute petname!!!!!!! I think people will also remember clearly got a hot sexy ger with a petname Xiao Yun!

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    @Sheylara: Hmm, RiaktivMan’s post reminds me of the data code from Heroes, the one that Mohinder’s dad created:)

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    omg do you subscribe to every single comment? :P

    sorry i am too fast for you, lol. anyway it looked just like a random pattern of dots. lol. some kinda ascii art FAIL. haha.

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