The whole world packed in a week

It’s a wonder I still have time to blog.

Remember on Tuesday I said this?:

Over the past two days … my schedulling diary suddenly exploded … All of a sudden, I now have two full-day shoots, one wardrobe fitting session, five auditions to attend, and one magazine article to research and write. (Link)

Well, God must have seen how pleased I was with this last-minute maniacal schedule because he started to think to himself: “How about let’s make her deliriously happy by adding another audition, another wardrobe session, two more rehearsals and one more 15-hour shoot to her already bursting week?”

Yes, he did.

There was actually more. On top of all that, I also had to reject two acting jobs and sacrifice one dinner party for which I have already paid.

All for this week.

I bet my next two weeks (maybe even two months) will be so eventless and free that I’ll even have time to count the number of bird droppings in the car park downstairs on an hourly basis.

That’s how screwy the life of a freelancer is.

And now I have to go to bed because I have to wake up at 5.30 am for a shoot.


(No, it’s all good, really. This is not a rant.)

9 thoughts on “The whole world packed in a week

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    Hmmm… Does your dinner party refer to this Sunday’s one? If that’s so, I can start looking for folks to take over your tix (and your friends’ if needed).

    Anyway, I’ll text you later today to confirm.

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    That’s a wonderful week you are having and enjoying. Congratulations. Hope the New Year bring even greater joy. :)

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    Alvinaloy: Hehe… yeah, sorry I wasn’t able to go :( Was very looking forward to it!

    Sunny: Thanks! :) I wish they wouldn’t pack my schedule like that, but it’s better than nothing, I guess. Haha.

    Ruok: :)

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    No problem. Hope Goonfather and friend, and Kevin and Eileen enjoyed themselves at the ‘party’ more than I did ;) I thought the food was just ok. Cold food were ok but the hot food… Well, shishamo and tempura were like room temperature when they reached my table :(

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    Eek! I hate shishamo and tempura at room tempurature! -_-

    i got lemming for jap food ~~

    QY = 2006 Wang Wang Ger of Studygroup!! ^_^

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    HRH: Wow, since you might someday be a king or something like that, can I book you first as my personal patron? lol. I don’t think I’m the damn funny one, though. I think you are! :P

    Alvin: All I heard from them is that they ate till they wanted to burst and the food wasn’t bad. I’m still sad I missed it.

    Wang Wang: Too early to say lah. :P It’s actually quite usual for me, in the past two years, I will get very busy periods of time, and then it will slowly peter off until I am damn free, and then a few months later it’ll start again. Sigh.

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    Sorry, i don’t really do the personal actress patron thing. I’m more into favouring fan dancers and guzheng players with flowy robes. Anyway i am very pleased with my station in life. 4th in line to the Throne begats importance without all the stress that comes with being a likely succesor. The king plus 3 of my brothers have to die before i have to do real work. That’s also why i am Patron and not Minister of Culture & the Arts. Ministers have to do real work. Patrons on the other hand get handfed grapes and enjoy free courtside seats. Okay i got to go, the boss is coming my way and i owe him a ppt presentation.

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