Presenting Shen Qiaoyun… the famous nobody

Since I am not a famous actress and no one is going to give me rave reviews for my performance in I Not Stupid Too, I shall do it myself!

I was a certified journalist so I should be more than qualified to give official reviews, shouldn’t I? Even if it’s of myself.

So, here goes.

Shen Qiaoyun — The Review

Making a surprise appearance in hit movie I Not Stupid Too is actress Shen Qiaoyun (formerly known and credited in the movie as Serena Sim).

Ms Shen simply sizzles on the silver screen. Yes, she is hot because her character has a bun in the oven and she looks like she should be lying down on the delivery bed instead of gallivanting around with a bunch of hyperactive kids.

For her role of a conservative pregnant primary school teacher, the youthful-looking actress sacrificed her “Act Cute in Baby Tee” specialty…

…to put on a maternity dress and horn-rimmed glasses.

And it is a worthy sacrifice because the actress really stands out in the movie. That is, her belly really stands out. She has many speaking lines, which, in showbiz terms, means “significant role (but not significant enough to be named in press releases)”.

In fact, this reviewer would find it a daunting challenge if asked to pick a line delivered by the actress that could possibly be Oscar material — there are so many. Should it be the line that goes “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8”, when she counts time for the children for a dance performance, or the one that goes, “2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8”?

Regardless, it is now clearly evident that Ms Shen can count. To at least eight.

And it is only a matter of time before she receives her pre-school graduation certificate.

On Monday, Jan 16, after the gala premiere of the long-awaited sequel to 2002’s I Not Stupid, a few members of the audience could be heard raving over the actress, who is well on her way to graduating from her showbiz status of “Not So Famous” to “Still Not Famous Yet”.

“Acting is quite natural except for some parts!”

“Looks like a mother!”

“Who the hell are you talking about?!”

These were some of the phrases uttered in praise of the illustrious actress.

Asked to comment on her own performance, Ms Shen said, “I am very relieved that I don’t look as bad on the big screen as I expected I would.”

Pressed further, the actress revealed that she had her hands up at her face throughout the movie in anticipation of cowering in embarrassment whenever she appeared on screen.

Such endearing modesty.

The actress went so far as to disguise herself at the gala premiere so that no one would recognise her as the pregnant teacher in the movie.

Ms Shen was spotted at the cocktail reception emulating Emily, her favourite merchandise mascot.

But her identity was revealed when she was later seen heading towards the theatre seat bearing her name.

Some of the actors were visibly upset by this invasion of privacy.

“Oh my god, our names are on the seats! This is so embarrassing,” said an actor who refused to be named.

Ms Shen, however, graciously took the infringement in her stride because all eyes were on the main stars of the show a few seats away, anyway. Nobody noticed when she busied herself by peering into the goodie bag generously contributed by SingTel and other sponsors.

Watch out for more of Ms Shen’s appearances on TV and cinema screens as the actress lends her presence to any production that can afford her daily rate — an amount somewhere in the vicinity of the gross national product of a developed anthill.

Indeed, I Not Stupid Too, directed by the multi-talented director Jack Neo, is all the more richer with Ms Shen’s involvement because she will be elevating box office takings by forcing all her friends, relatives and neighbours to watch the movie.

I Not Stupid Too launches in cinemas on Jan 26, 2006.

29 thoughts on “Presenting Shen Qiaoyun… the famous nobody

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    Starlandliu: Why no comment :| Anyway, promoting myself apart (hehe) the movie is really, really good. It’s funny and touching at the same time, and is much better than the first movie.

    Wang Wang: Studygroup outing? :P

    Passerby: Yup, that’s me. Er… yeah. Once in a million, I get a really nice picture that doesn’t look like me. Haha.

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    candyfeehily: Hmm… do Ruok and I know you? =)

    SpyMy: Thanks for spying my blog! ;)

    mooiness: Thanks!

    Wingz: Thanks!!1oneone

    Gary: I beg to differ. I really think he’s talented. He writes, produces and directs his own movies and tv shows, he writes songs, he acts, sings and hosts, and he’s really funny in person too. :)

    Wang Wang: Good. My Act Cute pose works. Hahaha.

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    Hmm… nice teacher look. Made me almost ditch the Patronage of Culture & the Arts for Education. Wait…. maybe i can be the Patron of Art Education.

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    Hey hey, glad to see that you are doing great.

    A self-review of yourself! Haha, it sounds like a novelty alright :)

    And your name on your seat really cracks me up. At least they didn’t include a poster size pic of yourself like what they did for the Oscars.. :D

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    I beg to differ too. Non-original works. 99% of his works are very same/similar to Taiwan, HK, China and not to mention his rework of Iranian “Children of Heaven”…

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    HRH: Why can’t your be patron of everything?

    The Kindred: Heya, LTNS! I don’t watch the Oscars. What, they stick posters on seats?

    candyfeehily: Haha.. maybe :)

    Gary: His works may imitate others since that’s what the audience wants, but I think they still have their own character and I enjoy his shows a lot :P

    SpyMy: Definitely :)

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    Hey there, I think you did a great job! I thought you looked a little like this channel 8 actress. Think she doesn’t act anymore, but she’s the cutesy one with 2 dimples. Then I figured you looked way too young to be her!

    I loved the movie- you’re so lucky to be part of the production. :)

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    One thing i note from the movie – your characters most of the time wears the same maternity clothes as of your photo upthere….TCS so stingy? Even with maternity clothes? Your belly looks a bit funny in your first appearance in that black dress….but looks most natural in your third dress (Red- black) overall your perfromance rocks as a pregnant teacher !
    Hope the props didn’t make you feel hot in Singapore’s hot weather during filming =)

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    Heyz! I’m a fan of INS and also INS2 from Malaysia.
    I just got the oppurtunity to watch the movie last Friday due to the hectic schedule. It was an excellent job. The movie is marvelous. No words can describe the movie. It is one of the best movie i’ve watched before despit of INS. Every character plays an important role in the movie. Without you, who would explain to Jerry about the worm and egg thingy! Hehe~

    My frien doubted me when i said INS2 will be a great movie. I forced them to watch it with me. At the end of the movie, some ended with tears rolling down their cheeks. I was one of them of course. We were talking bout the movie non-stop. It is very educational and yet realistic. I really love the movie and hopes to watch it again and again. Great job!

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