Much ado about my hair

I would like to remind people again that my hair is not rebonded.


I am tempted to perm my hair so people won’t accuse me of having rebonded my hair.

But I look disgusting with curly hair. So I think I am stuck with straight hair forever.

Argh. I am trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Now, please repeat after me.

Qiaoyun’s hair has never seen a rebonding iron. (Or whatever it is they use to rebond hair.)

Qiaoyun’s hair is not rebonded.

Thank you.

Oh, waitaminute. Maybe I should cut it really short, like a bob. How about that?

14 thoughts on “Much ado about my hair

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    You can’t be serious? Hmm, u do hv an old photo with short hair?
    Hehe, why not post it up for us to see the shocking difference. :p
    Anyway, you looks great with long straight hair. Can’t imagine anything else.

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    A bob would be cute. She has pics of her short hair somewhere, looks cuter.

    Can always try a bob or I suggest something shorter and sassier, it’ll always grow back if you don’t like it.

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    Starlandliu: Well, I won’t cut it right away, but it’s a consideration for the future :P

    Minou: Yeah, I’ve cut my hair short a few times in my life. Not bad lah.. makes washing hair much easier. Hehe.

    Young: What’s wrong with short hair?

    Sunny: I do have some photos with short hair, but I dowan to post lah, bery ugly my old photos. :P

    Swordplay: Yeah I know. Only problem is short hair is harder to maintain cos need to style everyday. And it takes 2 years to grow back to long.

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    Nothing wrong with short hair…just EeEeEeek for fun…..

    I got short hair too.

    Maybe no hair soon at the rate it receding….damm……

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    I cannot face the truth.

    I think that’s the fourth best answer for me.

    No.1 – Yun Nam
    N0.2 – Wig
    No.3 – Turn Hip Hop and wear cap constantly

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    Young: Oh. Yeah. Well, Yun Nam is expensive and dunno whether works or not. :P

    Sword: Yes lah. See my current hairstyle, then imagine it’s the same straight, flat, limp, just very short. I think I will look like a gimp. :P My hair is naturally limp, so without styling, it’s just… limp.

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