It’s a dog’s year

A very happy, lucky and prosperous Chinese New Year to you!

May the new lunar year be filled with fun and cheers, friends and food, health and wealth and everything else your yearning soul wants!

May you have so much in abundance that it spilleth over!

Then pass some (wealth) over to me!

May your visitings be filled with fat ang pows and yummy bak kuas but devoid of awkward personal questions!

And be nice to doggies! Even little scruffy ones who hate being bathed and groomed!

Have a wonderful long weekend.

11 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s year

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    Happy Lunar New Year !!!

    Haha, not too sure if the advertisement regarding the “liquid paper” tat I see today is new, but I catch it at least 3 times today. :)

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    Yeah, my relatives were bugging me about whether I’ve got a girlfriend or when I’ll be getting married previous years too.

    And it ain’t easy when my parents have approximately 12 brothers and sisters [i]EACH![/i]

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    Happy Chinese New Year sis. Ahhh! Yu Sheng! Favourite dish…sigh…haven’t eaten it yet…once a year only ahhh!

    By the way, I thought you weren’t into the whole wishing thing? Wish you good luck, wish you Happy Chinese New Year, etc…

    Anyway, let’s close with the CNY war cry.

    BAK KUAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Alvin: It’s good to have too many uncles and aunties. It means more ang pows! At least until you get married, lol.

    Star: Thank you! The same to you, too!

    Swordie: I’ve eaten yusheng 3 times already, heh. More to come! Anyway, not being into the wishing thing doesn’t mean I don’t do it. Like how children aren’t really into studying but they still go to school. lol.

    Cheryo: Cool. Good movie, right? I cried a few times watching it…

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