I like blur photos

Blur photos are good.

If you have pimples or wrinkles or moles or rough skin or any annoying facial flaw at all, they’re instantly eradicated by the power of blurness.

When I started modelling a long time ago, soft focus photos were quite popular, and I loved them because they made my teenage pimples disappear.

Here’s a comparison for those who don’t know what soft focus means.

What a normal photo looks like.

What a soft focus photo looks like.

See, instant baby skin.

I created that soft look in photoshop, but they used to do it manually — put vaseline on the camera lens or something like that.

But soft focus went out of fashion after advertisers/directors decided that they were sick of being cheated by phony photos. They would get all excited when they saw a beautiful face on a photograph and would ask to see the face in person. Then the real person would come to their office and give them a heart attack.

I think I must have contributed to many a heart attack back then, when I showed up at many an office with my oily teenage face, looking nothing like my soft focus photos.

Nowadays, media people have learnt not to be fooled by photographs. Especially now that anyone can digitally retouch and print their own photos easily.

But that is not to say that people don’t use soft focus anymore. They still do, especially in bridal photography. That’s why all brides have perfect skin. In their wedding pictures.

Well, I am now going to set a new trend in photography.

It’s called the Phone Camera Night Blur Effect.

You can create this effect successfully by using a handphone with a lousy built-in camera, such as the NEC 6ooi. And only take photos at night.

This effect gives the same result as the soft focus, just more artistic. I think.

See, Rena and I both have such great skin.

If you feel that your pimples still can be seen, try taking the photo in a very dark room.

There, you can hardly see anything, but you can still recognise yourself. Can’t you?

That’s the main thing. The second photo may be very blur, but I can still see myself and Elyxia in it, which will serve to remind me that I was at Indochine Forbidden City on New Year’s Day 2006 with my friends.

This will bring back such fond memories, minus the pimples, which is always good.

If you have more than just pimples, like maybe you have a tree branch growing out of your left cheek, try shaking the phone while you’re taking the picture (at night, in a dark room, remember).

When people see the photo, I’m sure they’ll mistake the tree branch for your boyfriend’s arm. (If your boyfriend is too fat to resemble a tree branch, get a very skinny child to stand beside you in the photo.)

If all else fails, turn off the lights and light up some red lanterns.

It is said that red lighting makes one look more radiant and glamorous. That’s why they use red lights at, uh, at places where they use red lights.

But never mind that.

Now that I have started this new photography trend, you will probably see more Phone Camera Night Blur Effect photos in my blog from now.


14 thoughts on “I like blur photos

  1. Avatar

    Xiaxue offer photoshop services for a fees you know……..

    On behalf of the Bar Outlaws, welcome to a world of sex deprived individuals.

    PS: Rouk….you did warn her abt us before u get her to join rite..

  2. Avatar


    Yep! the Carlsberg ad is out.. i saw it on TV… haven’t had time to go to the cinema fo a while already….

    a few funny things, if you can take it objectively….

    1) i don’t know if it is the wide screen or lighting or what, but on TV, you kinda look a bit wider then in photos… You don’t look fat… just wide! if you get wat i mean…. and in photos, i have to admit you look stunning! I hope someday i will get to see a second fann wong in you! from the bottom of my heart….

    2) you write really well… i have been an avid follower of your blogsite after my brother introduce it to me.. he met you at some MMORPG outings…. so, when i heard you speaking chinese on TV… it kinda sounded weird….

    But then again, maybe its just me… and i’m definitely not a Academy Award Judge… so, don’t bother with me…

  3. Avatar

    Young: Are you trying to say that you don’t like my Phone Camera Night Blur Effect? =( Why do I need XX to photoshop my photos? Anyway, thanks for the welcome. =) Now I have a bone to pick with Ruok for throwing me into a room full of sex deprived individuals! Erm… O_o

    Fat Ass: Hey, thanks for the feedback and avid support! Don’t worry about offending me. I know I’m far from perfect, and sometimes I really look weird on TV, haha. The Carlsberg ad has an English version too, so see if you can catch it on 5 or MTV channel. :)

  4. Avatar

    Never said dun like wor….

    Maybe one fine day when i take a picture with you using the Phone Camera Night Blur Effect. Then i defintely comment it looks damm good.

    haha… i personally think it was the finest thing he did…need to rebalance the boy:girl ratio once in a while mah…..

  5. Avatar

    Wahahaha… the outlaws just tend to like to disturb beings from a pervented angle.

    The whole group absolutely mean no offense one lah. .Thus feel free to cast your fireballs at us when u accumulate enough mana… haha

  6. Avatar

    Young: I’m fine with teasings and jibes and I like how you guys insult each other… it’s very funny. :P But a certain someone makes unprovoked insensitive remarks without first looking at his own reflection in the mirror. That I don’t like.

    Sword: Does anyone even understand satire these days??

  7. Avatar

    Take it lightly lah….all in the name of fun though usually outlaws jokes are in very disguesting and bad taste….Anyway i told him last night to buy and applied eye cream for himself liao…..everytime think he still young like me….wahahah….:P

    Dun take comments seriously. None are serious. :)

  8. Avatar

    I can take a joke. I know the outlaws are now making fun of me in the “Story of” thread (thanks to you!!!) but I’m fine with that because I think it’s funny. I also make fun of people in story threads in other forums. But I just don’t like shallow, immature guys who only think with their limp dicks. They are not funny.

  9. Avatar

    I understand.

    The outlaws also dun want to suffer from erection dysfunctional.We seeking professional help already for it.

    You must forgive them for having limp dicks.

    I also wish they can concluded the story faster…it is becoming tiring for me to stand in one corner trying to maintain a day old erection waiting for my turn in the movie. Not easy these days being a porn star…hard bucks..

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