Five weird facts about me

I thought I was safe from this blog meme business because I don’t really hang out in blogging circles. But Ruok has now broken my clean record of meme-lessness and tagged me to do this one.


So, now, I’m forced (by blog ettiquette) to reveal to the whole world the oddities that I have till now kept hidden from public scrutiny.

Yeah, right. You wish.

My five weird facts

1. I fidget all the time, subconsciously. I always find myself playing with my knuckles, my hair, my nails, pinching my arm, pulling on my neck, biting the insides of my lips, doodling on my knees or thighs with my fingernails, tapping my feet. But I do all these subconsciously. And very gently. I’m no masochist! It’s a stupid ugly habit I’m trying to be rid of.

2. I enjoy studying. I discovered that when I went to Australia. I never missed a lecture or tutorial, did extra homework and prefered studying at home to going out with my friends. I can be such a square. But I have to be interested in the subject, of course. The threat of a lifetime without BBQ chicken wings couldn’t make me study quantum physics, for example.

3. When sleeping with another person on the same bed, I have to face away or I’ll feel claustrophobic. Unless it’s a huge bed and we’re at least an arm’s length apart. (This applies only to actual sleeping. I mean, I am quite capable of cuddling up without feeling claustrophobic.)

4. Certain objects with tiny uneven holes frighten me. I discovered this oddity when I was a youngster learning how to make kueh dadar.

You know when you pour the green batter onto the pan to make the pancake, and if it’s really thin, holes will start appearing on the pancake before it’s cooked? I thought it was a really freaky sight and it made all my tiny hairs stand.

Or when I see a leaf 80% poked out with wormholes, I start experiencing the physical reactions of fear, disgust and mild panic.

I don’t know why! Don’t ask me!

5. I still play the “hop on the insides of floor tiles” game occassionally, when I’m bored getting from one place to another. I think it’s part of my fidgety habit. I just have to have something to do all the time or I’d go insane.

And, now, it’s time to tag five people to continue this silly meme. These are people whom Ruok recently indirectly introduced me to, so if you guys want to complain, you know who to look for. Hur hur. 

You’ve been tagged

12 thoughts on “Five weird facts about me

  1. Avatar

    I can identify with 1, 3 and 5… I’ve always wondered how the Istana Guards could just stand there doing nothing for an extended period when I can’t keep still for like 5 minutes.

  2. Avatar

    I identify with 2 and 3. I like studying. Not as much as you, but I like it. I tyr to attend every session, but sometimes I just want to do something else.

  3. Avatar

    I think I’ve got symptom 4. But instead of just holes, lots of little, uneven and tightly-clustered bumps also freak me out.

    I do 5 on occasion too.

  4. Avatar

    Alvinaloy: LOL. So do you hop on the insides of floor tiles too? =P

    PMG: That’s good. Helps when you’re studying something you like, doesn’t it?

    Mince Pye: NO WAY. You’re weird! Hahaha ok, jokes aside, I didn’t think anyone could understand WTH I was talking about wrt #4 but I’m glad you do. Um… does the “haemorrhoid candy” auntie hamster bought that time count as little, uneven, tightly-clustered bumps?

    airhole: because I can. Hah!

  5. Avatar

    Erhm nope… it ha to be on a somewhat flat or even surface to qualify… like you know how some infected tree leaves have weird, cancerous lumps all over…

  6. Avatar

    I identify with 4 tooo! Anything that has wierd holes OR bumps unnaturally on something like a leaf or a piece of nature and I freak out!!!

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