Working hard for orange juice

I am so never going to squeeze my own orange juice again, ever.

Four oranges, 15 minutes and a goodly muscle strain later, all I got to show for my hard work was this:

I shudder to think how people lived before the era of supermarkets and automatic juicers.

Okay, so I’m backward for still using a manual juicer.

I think I shall just buy my orange juice off the shelves from now on.

12 thoughts on “Working hard for orange juice

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    Windborn: Oh, your gf’s sweet. :)

    Alvinaloy: My original plan was to fill the entire cup. I gave up after 4 oranges because it was way, way too tiring, heh.

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    the harder with work, the better the return. I have a feeling I said this before in another comment on this blog. Oh NO!!! I”M A REDUNDANT COMMENTER!!!!!

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