What happened to Christmas?

Christmas is kinda pathetic in Singapore.

It’s never like in the movies. Snow, cosy fireplace, heartwarming Christmas dinner with loved ones, all very sweet and touching. Spirit of Christmas and all that.

Christmas in Singapore is last-minute squeezing in the malls, traffic jam on Orchard Road because every dog and his grandmother wants to see Christmas lights (never see before ah?), and people ringing bells in your face because they think that will move you to donate to charity.

It’s all stress.

Christmas was something I looked forward to as a kid because my brother and I would find big heaps of presents at the foot of our beds when we woke up on Christmas morning. And there’d be a lot of hooha, which was kind of fun.

That tradition stopped when we grew up and outgrew all that Santa Claus nonsense. Now, Christmas is just another public holiday. Another chance to hang out with friends and do something no different from what we already do most weekends.

So, I don’t know. It feels weird getting excited over Christmas now because when Christmas finally comes, you find that there’s nothing there to justify all that excitement.

You go to a disco, you dance like you do every other weekend, you count down, you wish everyone around you a merry Christmas. That’s it.

Or you have a dinner party, you wine and dine like you do every so often, you count down, you wish everyone around you a merry Christmas. Maybe you exchange presents and find that you’ve received yet another photo frame. “Oooh just what I wanted, darling!”

That’s it. I don’t know why people make a big deal over that.

So, this year, I’m going away with my friends. Not too far, just a little bit up north because I don’t exactly have a travel budget.

I’m going on a short vacation not because it’s Christmas, but because this weekend happens to be a long weekend for working folks so it’s possible for my friends to get away.

So I’m leaving, like, now.

Which means I won’t be blogging the next three days or so.


Anyhow, despite what I’ve said, I do believe there are Singaporeans for whom Christmas is special and enchanting. To you, I say, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas.”

And peace forever more.

Aww… nothing to read for three days.

18 thoughts on “What happened to Christmas?

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    North eh? Bo jio! Anyway, been at a friend’s place in JB (Segamat) on 23rd, then headed to Shah Alam (Selangor I think) where she held her wedding dinner on Christmas Day. Pretty much interesting to see how their traditional Chinese wedding dinner deviates from Singapore’s.

    Think a group of revellers just let loosed fireworks. Can hear them but can’t seem to see them.

    It still tickles my friend’s friends and relatives when they thought about celebrating Christmas in Singapore… “Hot Christmas” is not a concept they are familiar with (not in a negative sense) :)

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    To me Christmas is the day Jesus was born. It’s the reason to celebrate. A lot of people just celebrate mindlessly during Christmas without knowing Jesus is the reason for the season!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    I think what’s missing is just a family. If you’ve started a family, you would’ve joined the frantic mad rush prior to Christmas to stock up on food and presents. Then on Christmas morning, everyone could wake up and have a nice family gathering of opening presents (if you have kids), cook at home and just stay home doing family things together. That’s the “excitement” :)

    However, for practical reasons, families hardly cook nowadays in Singapore. They leave it to the maid or takes the whole family out for makan, shop for cars and squeeze together at shopping centres. Heheheh

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    Christmas for me…not much meaning bah.
    Except have to buy lots and lots of generic cheapo presents and give to colleagues.
    I’m expecting to get lots and lots of generic cheapo presents too. -_-

    Yay! 2nd link no jam, reach home before midnight!
    But I still look like a Panda this morning. O.o

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    Xmas doesn’t mean much for me either…

    so tired.. my eye bag very puffy.. when i close my eye.. i can literally feel my eyelid caressing the eye bag..

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    Alvinaloy: Hope you enjoyed your trip, too! You must tell me about the Chinese wedding when we meet up for Bunka’s NY party!

    Numbie: Yes, Christmas would be more meaningful to Christians. Didn’t know you’re one. :)

    Swordie: No jam because we went there wee hours of the morning and came back really late at night! :P

    Albert: Yeah, family plays a big part. But it’s *still* different from what you see in the movies, hehe.

    Minou: Yay! I love the generic cheapo present you gave us! :)

    Wang Wang: Haha. Hope you’ve recovered by now.

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    In my opinion, it can be christmas everyday, it’s the spirit — the joy of sharing that is important, not the day it is celebrated. :D

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    Mike M: Yes, you probably are. This is like a 3 year old post!!! Haha.

    modchip: Well, so isn’t it kinda like it’s Valentine’s Day every day cos you celebrate love on V Day, but we should also endeavour to celebrate love every day.

    So, in the end, if you’re already the loving, sharing, giving sort, Christmas or V Day would be just like any other day to you, right?

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    O.o in de pag in mistery in boom in numbers in chinese in pelaxe in tiburon in marciano in churrasco in lechuga in shin-chan es tu padre O.o. Cella pega siempre todo lo kekieras un diseño y solo guiro ya estara lista carallo rapasa de inglan ingles pikingles and you.

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    @Sheylara: Haha, did you decipher cuico’s comment? Damn funny to read out loud in an Italian / Spanish accent, but I don’t think it even means anything:)

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    Hey, I haven’t seen this comment before…

    Hmmm… probably he’s saying something about a priest stuck in the middle of the ocean close to the marciano islands with a piece of lettuce leaf about to be eaten by a group of sharks whilst holding a list of designs and had regrets bout not writing it down in english…

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    @Peaches Mode: Haha, that’s some funny sh*t, bro!:) Thanks for the translation, but what’s that reference to “shin-chan”? That’s an Asian cartoon character:)

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    Oh I missed that.

    “…n lechuga in shin-chan es tu padre…”

    The lettuce leaf was actually a gift from shin-chan (shin-chan gave it to the priest).


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