The rich suffer as much as the poor. Aww.

So the press had a field day today with new revelations in the NKF saga. I had fun reading the Straits Times today with nothing but NKF reports.

Well, I’m sure everyone has read or heard about it, so there’s no need for me to talk at length about it.

I just wanted to express my amusement over a quote by Mr Durai who, way back when, declined the committee’s offer to give him a $96,000 bonus, opting for $60,000, instead.

“I would not be doing justice to the hundreds of patients whom I have to cajole to pay their fees — which they do grudgingly. I know this will be painful to my wife who has to contend with the little resources I can provide her and the children. However, I believe that someone has to make the sacrifice…”

(It turned out to be a farce anyway because he received a bonus of $126,000 that year, but that’s not really what I want to talk about.)

What I’m actually wondering is whether Mr Durai has ever been poor. Or even of average wealth. Because if he has, statements like that wouldn’t have crossed his mind, much less passed his lips.

So he declines a $96k bonus, asks for $60k instead, and the poor wife suffers.

“I know this will be painful to my wife who has to contend with the little resources…”


That, surely, is an understatement. Because, you poor things, you’re only getting a $60,000 bonus this year. How can the word “little” ever justify the meagerness of that pithy amount?

Oh, the painful irony.

This is kind of like when a thin person says “Oh, I’m so fat, I have to go on a diet” in front of a fat person.

Or a teenager saying to a prisoner, “I have no freedom at home, you know.”

Or, perhaps, closer to the point, Paris Hilton telling any one of us poor sods here, “Aww shucks, my daddy cut my allowance by a million dollars a month and now I only have five million, how am I ever gonna survive? I hate everyone.”

I know the world is not equal, can never be equal. But it just kind of very rudely jolts one to the harsh reality of life to know that there are people who are living way beyond your means, yet they can still find themselves lacking.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be plenty happy and crying tears of joy and thanking every force in the world from the kitchen sink right to the drops of water vapour on the peak of Mount Everest if my husband (not that I have one) ever brings home a bonus $60,000 cheque.

So I’m a poor sod and $60,000 is huge to me. Bite me.

14 thoughts on “The rich suffer as much as the poor. Aww.

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    *shakes head slowly*

    It’s a sad affair… Saddest part is that I wasn’t working for NKF while Durai is giving out promotions, benefits and what not like it’s Christmas everyday.

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    Today’s papers published even more of the old NKF pratices.
    Durai practically treated NKF like his own personal piggy bank! >_>

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    But I read in the papers today that 1 driver said he never got ANY bonus in the 10 years he was working for NKF.
    So only the selected few gets to enjoy big bonuses.

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    Hmmm….. If only I have a $60k bonus this year….. Actually $20k also I happy liao. Can just go ahead and buy myself a WRX STi or a RX-8. No need to sit in front of my PC calculating my finances….. Sigh!!!

    I think most of the chics like Matilda and Michelle get high bonus. Really depends whether the gals spread their legs or not. And if the driver had to drive Durian and the gal to a hotel, he too will get a big bonus.

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    Guess those ‘selected’ few had to drop a certain thing to be in the ‘in’ group? Namely, their pants! :D

    Good ole’ Matilda Chua. They (NKF) definitely need someone like me to wholly manage their IT processes! lol

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    Heck, I’d be a happy with a 60K-a-year SALARY, don’t talk about bonus…

    I’m not greedy, 5K a month is cool beans.

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    This story leads to one conclusion. Take it from a guy who makes more money than this guy does. Money is not happiness. It never will be. Happiness is what you become from the hardships in life. It defines you and drives you to be a better person.

    Paris is going to die a lonely, unhappy person. That you can be sure of.

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    In my opinion, one can never be TRULY happy unless stripped of material desires. Yes, we can be happy if you got a new PS3 as a present, but you need more after that, you need games, once you get that, you need another… and so on. This is the natural design of man, our desires can never ever be quenched.

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