The one where I get roasted alive

The powers-that-be must think that I’m not tanned enough.

Actually, tanned is an understatement.

Hot on the heels of this heat-stroke-inducing four-day-shoot for a short film…

Production still for independent short film

…comes this shoot that effectively burnt the entire cast and crew to a delicious crisp.

Production still for Changi Beach Club TV commerical

It was so hot yesterday the top of our heads got melted away. Now, I’m waiting for my brains to grow back. Which means that, today, I’m a blonde. (With the wrong hair colour.)

So you’ll pardon me if I start cracking corny jokes.

A man walks into a bar…


Now, all jokes aside, my mission today is to regale you with beautifully shot photographs taken on the Changi Beach Club boardwalk. We were there to shoot a TV commercial for (yes!) Changi Beach Club.

You must ignore the blurry, dull quality of the photos because the shots were taken with my crap phone camera.

But you must at the same time marvel at the beauty of the shots. Credit goes to my friend, Vamp, who was part of the crew, and who got loaded with the unpleasant task of taking pictures for me with my crap phone camera.

We weren’t even posing for her. She got all these while we were in motion, acting for the video camera.

Unfortunately for you, my curious reader, I didn’t give Vamp the phone while we were shooting the pool scene. So you won’t get to see me in a swimsuit until the commercial airs on TV.

That will give you the incentive to watch TV 24/7 to try and catch a glimpse of my bikini clad self (just so you can point and laugh), won’t it?

But I did take one picture at the pool.

You know this one was taken by me instead of by Stef because it’s a thoughtless shot captured randomly with nary a thought for photographic aesthetry. (I just made that last word up because it sounds kind of right in this circumstance. Don’t try it at home, kids.)

And a self-portrait.

Anyway, we caught the morning to noon sun at the pool. My scenes mostly had me lying on the lounge chair and getting baked alive.

Literally, mind you. You could fry an egg off the heat, I swear.

We then caught the noon to early afternoon sun at the beach. By that time, my brains were so addled that I forgot to take pictures.

After a whole day of being fried at various locations of the club, the sun went down.

That was when the crew decided to fry us with filming lights.

Yes, we were all burnt toast by the time they were finished with us.

But that’s okay because, for the sake of my art (and TV exposure and a fat cheque), I will happily endure the harshest conditions.

It was a great shoot, anyway. The crew was friendly and funny, the club hosts were very welcoming and the food was soooo good.

Nevertheless, I’m going to stay indoors until I grow some new brain cells and a new set of skin.

11 thoughts on “The one where I get roasted alive

  1. Avatar

    Why would you want to see my bikini pics when you can see much better bikini pics, like, everywhere on the Internet? =P

  2. Avatar


    Just droppin by to say..

    THE SUN WAS SO BLOODY HOT!!! Heh.. *grins*

    Oh and bout ur previous post..

    SIMON IS A CUTIE.. *drool*

    (No I’m not spg but a chinese speakin ang moh sounds really attractive)


  3. Avatar

    Hi Superstar QiaoYun,
    Changi Beach Club is a cool place for a vacation break….geez, no $$.
    I saw a couple taking a their wedding photo-shoot there during my reservist’s morning run….coolz, romantic.
    The model hunk (黑马王子) Francis is my old schmate (中学-学长). He don’t recognise me now liao cos I become too handsome….haha, vomit.
    I wonder when will this commercial airs on TV?

  4. Avatar

    Hmmm…I almost bought the pink dress u were wearing.

    Last time I got fried real bad was in Bintan, last year.
    I was peeling bad…face, back, arms, legs…anywhere exposed to the sun.
    Dun dare to try it again. :p

  5. Avatar

    haha, i’m just kiddin, if i look at bikini pics, my gf will brand me a pervert and kick me out of the bedroom! hmmm, da last time i got burnt by the sun was hmmmm…. in the year 2002 when i was in Tekong. wow, wat a long time, guess i better get some vitamin D before i get skin cancer.

    hey numbie

  6. Avatar

    Numbie: What, you were using Swordplay’s Crispy Roasted tanning lotion? LOL.

    VampTreSS: Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Um… need an intro to mr cutie? Hehe…

    Justice: Wow, you do your reservist run at Changi Beach Club? Hey cool, you know Francis also? Small world! =) I’m not sure when the commercial will air. I guess I’ll keep people updated here when I know.

    Minou: Haha, really? I think it’s a really pretty dress, but I don’t do justice to it. Why didn’t you buy it? I think you’ll look really nice in it! Next time you go into the sun USE SUNBLOCK, girl. During my shoot. I slathered on the sunblock 3 times that day like sunblock was free, haha. I got a tan but lucky no peeling.

    Windborn: Oohh.. got gf? When can I meet her? =P

  7. Avatar

    I think Swordplay’s Crispy Roasted tanning lotion has negative ph value of -100 or something.

    “You suffer 10000000 damage from the scorching sun!
    Your eyes turn crisp.
    You have died!”

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