The new me

This is an extremely momentous occasion. Indeed. And because it’s past four in the morning, I am at a loss how I should proceed. Should I go to bed or should I write my first post because I have spent the last six hours or so setting up this new blog?

But that’s a rhetorical question since it is very obvious that I am writing my first post instead of sleeping.

Oh, what the hell. Allow me to make my announcements and then bugger off to bed.

Firstliness. I have adopted a new name to complement my acting career. So, with my parents’ blessings, I now go by the name of Shen Qiaoyun. (Pronounced Shen2 Qiao3 Yun4.)

I am extremely excited about it because it’s like, you know, getting a new haircut, just more dramatic. And I am now prohibited by law to use my old name, so call me Qiaoyun.

Second. I’m now using a blogging script because I need a new blog to reflect the new me, and I’m too lazy to revamp my old blog. And WordPress is much cooler than my old blog because it has a search function, among other things. I will never lose a blog again!

Yes, I know this blog skin is very cheena mama. So is my new name. Well, I have news for you. I’m Chinese. There you go.

With that, I shall leave you to wonder. Come back again!

24 thoughts on “The new me

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    Very cool! I think no matter what you call yourself, its about the posts you leave behind that make a difference, as a person with training in journalism, please do not lead us into the mundane as the new paper has alleged, but boldly go where few dare to tread, Showbiz intrigue! Ha Ha Congrats on the new look and name!

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    Thank you, Suresh! For being the first to comment on my new blog and for your support! :) Well…. I don’t know about intrigue, ha ha, but I try my best not to be boring. :P

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    Haha. You know, after looking through hundreds of templates last night and downloading and trying out tons, I decided that the one you’re using is possibly the best, and I would have used it if you weren’t already using it. Didn’t think it would be a good idea to have the same template as you cos that would be so unoriginal. :P So I settled for this. But I do like the bold colours.

    Well, get used to the new me. It’s like getting used to my new haircut, right? Just takes time!

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    Crash: Yeah, I know :) Just that I couldn’t do it before cos my first webhost didn’t have blogging script auto installers.

    Toki: Thanks….. haha. Right. :P

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    Ashuras: Can… copy and paste every blog one by one. Don’t think it’s worth the effort though, since I don’t think people really read archives :P

    Kindred: Thanks! :) Good to hear some affirmation!

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    Fabulous Blog … Better than before….
    Gorgeous Outlook … Your bf will be impressed…
    Nice Name … Qiaoyun is like building a Bridge to Fortune…
    All the Best to your career!!!

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    Hi… Qiaoyun!

    That will take a bit of getting used to. Congrats on the new name and the new blog. =)

    What won’t take any getting used to is your writing – always first rate. And that I can now subscribe to your RSS feed.


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    Heheh, thanks, Kenneth! :) My RSS feed is dead at the moment. I’m still a noob at using that technology and I somehow killed it without knowing how. And now I don’t know how to fix it. Haha.

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    hello qiaoyun, long time once again. hi swordplay too. i guess i’m one of those who have trouble calling you Qiaoyun. took me erm… 30 seconds to figure out exactly how to address ya ;p good to hear ya’re still in EQ2, i’m stuck in the world of Dota or CSS, and numb’s stuck in WoW. well, gtg, cya around.

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    Oh… ahhh, didn’t read your comment here before I posted the one in your Carlsberg post. Notice that you are using feedburner instead of your actual feed.

    Perhaps it wasn’t configured properly. I suspect you have to remove the “feed:” from the feed URL you used in Feedburner.

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    QY… to celebrate the cheena mama bold outlook of your web.. let’s shop for some BOLD BRIGHT super chio super cute stuff in KL!!!

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    Windborn: Hi you again. You and numbie keep showing up after long absences, haha. Don’t worry, call me a few more times and you’ll get used to it. =P

    Acroamatic: No, the problem now is that my wordpress feedburner plugin has generated auto feeds, which are now redirected to my dead feedburner feed. I have deleted my feedburner feed, but, well, I don’t know how to get rid of the plugin redirection. Deleting the plugin doesn’t work. =(

    Wang Wang: OKAY! =) I need sponsors! =D

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    Hi, I accidentaly clicked the December Archive thingie and found this —

    …prohibited by law to use my old name…

    Cool! Haha. Never knew there could be such thing. :D

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    @Sheylara: Ya know, I call myself a follower of your blog, but I never read your first post till today… sheesh, some follower, huh?:) Well, better late than never, I guess… But I can honestly say with the benefit of hindsight that had I read this way back in 2005, I would’ve sensed the same potential that I did when I first chanced upon your blog in 2008. Here’s to your success always!

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