Pregnant teacher coming to your screen

I am kind of dreading seeing myself on the big screen. I think I look weird and I think I’m not a very convincing pregnant teacher. But I can’t deny being somewhat excited because it’s going to be the first time I get to watch myself in the cinema.

I’m talking about I Not Stupid Too, the new Jack Neo movie that’s supposed to hit the screens this month.

Some weeks ago, I was called back to do a voiceover for a scene that had already been shot. Jack was there to supervise the recording and the first thing he said to me when he saw me was: “哇!原来你这么年青的啊!” (Loosely translated: “Didn’t know you were so young”.)

Haha. That was hilarious. I guess it was the dressing.

Before and after

Because he was so used to seeing me bespectacled and pregnant like in picture 1, I think he was surprised when I turned up at the recording studio looking like picture 2.

The recording session was fun. Not only did I have to dub over my own voice for a couple of my scenes, I also helped to voice a nurse and a phone recording.

There’s this scene where an actor is trying to call someone and he gets this message: “We are not getting a response from the subscriber’s mobile phone. Please try again later.”

That’s MY VOICE.

Hahaha. Listen out for it when you watch the movie.

I love Jack Neo movies. I’ve seen every single one of them and it’s a great honour being in one of them. So, now that he knows how “young” I am, I hope he casts me in a younger and… er… not so pregnant role next time! =)

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    I’m sorry, it just feels weird calling you by your new name. i’m just curious whether or not it’s your original chinese name, or an entirely new one that you decided to adopt? I guess referring to you by your anglo-esque name that rhymes with ‘sheylara’ is no longer acceptable now, is it? ;)

    Congratulations on boldly taking the big step! Looking forward to ‘I not stupid too’ :)

    And thanks for voting for us anyhow! blardy canon’d better fix the video synching problems soon…


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    Swordie: Doh!… always taking the easy way out! =P

    Justice: Haha. No… I don’t think I’m really keen on being body painted… =}

    David: Hey, it always feels weird. I have people now who refused to use my new name, lol. But things usually just takes time and then it’s like normal, isn’t it? =) Thanks for visiting my blog and I wish you guys all the best for 4444! =)

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    This scheme kinda reminds me of CNY :) Darn… No more receiving 红包s this year. Better start planning my vacation! ;)

    Anyway, he’s being politically correct and not saying “哇!原来你没那么老的啊” ;)

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    Just watched the movie – very touchig and good indeed ! And you look REAL with your “bump” ! How did you do it ? Care to show the “fake bump”?

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