People who deserve a kick in the butt

Stupid car park architects (or whatever they call them) just earned themselves an honorary spot on my To Murder (In My Dreams) list.

I had to go to Ubi Techpark to pick up a cheque for a past acting job, so I drove there because sometimes, driving beats taking public transport. It took me about 10 minutes to complete my business in the building, after which I proceeded to the Auto Pay Station to pay the car park charges.

The machine chewed on my ticket for a bit before telling me cheerfully: “Free parking. Please leave the car park now.” Then it spewed the ticket back out to me.

Coolness! I thought. What a nice, generous car park!

I then proceeded to drive out of the car park, an activity which took me several minutes because the damn place is a giant one-way-street maze. The numerous “Way Out” signs directed me many winding paths round and round the massive five-lobby building before finally letting me out.

At the exit barrier, I fed the machine my ticket and waited to be let out. Nothing happened for like five seconds, so I looked back at the machine and there was the message: “Please pay at the Auto Pay Station before leaving.”


Obviously, the machines aren’t communicating very well with each other. Machine A didn’t tell Machine B that it had given me free parking privileges.

By the time a security officer came to my assistance, about five cars had lined up behind me, probably dreaming up a thousand ways to murder me for holding them up. (That’s why I have to transfer some of the hatred away to more responsible parties.)

Security Uncle came over and said, “Miss, you have to pay at the Auto Pay Station first.”

I protested: “But I did. It said Free Parking and wouldn’t allow me to pay.”

Security Uncle: “Oh, you took too long to come out.”

Well. It’s not my fault that your stupid car park designers didn’t do a good job and your stupid engineers didn’t teach your machines well.

In the end, Security Uncle had to get all the cars behind me to back up so I could reverse my way to the nearest Auto Pay Station.

The bill for all my trouble: $1.10, 15 wasted minutes and a burst vessel.


8 thoughts on “People who deserve a kick in the butt

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    As usual, you have a great flair for designing. I think your new blog looks fabulous! Every complements one another perfectly! The cheena-ness now makes sense!!! :P

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    See! now if you had taken public transportation you would not have had to put up with this type of problem! Ha Ha only running into morons on the MRT or buses who think that getting to seats first is the penultimate of coolness! Please do us a favor and kill them first!

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    @Sheylara: And here I was wondering about the “kick butt” phrase… turns out its been in your vernacular for years!:)

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